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Therese Joan PAGETTMay 2005  of Mittagong joined the bank at Bowral in 1962 and after a long period there went to Neutral Bay, Personal Loans at St Leonards, then back to Moss Vale, Bowral and Picton, and now Manager of NAB Mittagong.


May 2005  Still working at conference company – very busy time.

Ken PETERSJuly 2005 Has a problem with cancer which is why he has not been to our recent Meetings. Alan Pitt rang him the other day and he indicated he has been in pain. Evidently he has cancer in his bones (?) and down one side only (?) Anyway he is in good spirits as he usually is.
Don PHILLIPSFeb 2006  Enjoy the newsletter always but not as mobile as I was once.
Franco PICCOLIAugust 2005 Hi, from Frank Piccoli. Happy to see this website.
I have attached some recent pics (Head Office 2003) ,Cootamundra and Young (2004)I am still working at "Head Office" with one other person (also ex CBC). We run the NAB Safe Custody on the Lower Ground Floor.
John POLLARDFeb 2006  Apology – due to work commitments.
The photo of the Mansfield designed building in the news letter would appear to be Narrabri branch where my father was manager in the late 1960’s. Regards.
(nee Thorne)
Feb 2006  Thank you for my CBC Newsletter. I do look forward to reading the news. Also enclosed copies of some old photographs from my father’s (H. V. Thorne) collection. I worked with my Dad in Dorrigo Branch N.S.W. before I was transferred to Head office Sydney. I was in those days Yvonne Thorne. Hope you find them of interest, sorry I was not able to be more exact with dates.
(The photographs referred to are of Dorrigo and Cunnamulla branches – from 1940’s on. Ed)
Philip C REEDJuly 2007 Have finally left the Bank as at 9th July 07. Am in the process of taking a part time job with ABARE-Agr Bureau- contract part time for 4 months. All going to plan I will be going out on farms in QLD.

Dec 2005 Philip has recently joined the club and advised his resume as:
Joined at Delegate NSW 8/3/68  (Home Town)
·         Relieved at Pambula for 3 weeks prior to going to  Lane Cove 11/5/69-1/6/70
·         Canberra Office 2/7/70- 8/10/71
·         2nd Officer Quandialla  10/10/71- 5/5/72
Branch Closed reverted to Receiving  Office
·         Relieving Staff 16/6/72- 19/2/80 .
Relieved in 94 different branches/Departments.
·         Accountant Office Street 22/2/80- 13/6/81
·         Accountant Royal Exchange 16/6/81-April 1982
·         (First Managers position April- 8/10/83)
·         Manager Botany 10/10/83- 22/6/85
·         Manager Engadine 22/6/85-13/7/89
·         Manager Sylvania Heights  16/7/89- June 93
·         Business Manager Dubbo 1/7/93-1/7/95
·         Manager Parkes 2/7/95-25/2/98
·         Agribusiness Manager Inverell 28/2/98-15/2/2003
·         One of 3 Agribusiness Managers Narrabri 16/2/03- Still in service.

Philip REEVESSeptember 2008 Phil has advised that he is suffering from Adrenocortical cancer.  He would appreciate any assistance that members could provide towards research that is going on in this regard.  For further information read these .pdf files:  Charity Dinner and The Battle of the Beast.
Barbara REYNOLDSMay 2005  nee Benson, now living at Gladstone, started at Marrickville in 196, then to Castlereagh & Hunter Streets, Automation Research and Staff Training at NAB, leaving in 1992.
Neil RICEFeb 2006  Travelling Oz. Rarely in the ‘big smoke’ these days!
August 2005
Travelling round and round Australia
Joan RICHARDSONFeb 2006  Regards to all. Have been out of action with 3 accidents since may 2005, but almost recovered.

Sept 2006  Firstly let me congratulate you for the tremendous job you have done to create the CBC website, it is just so good…………..Unbelievably so.
Of course it should be considered formal reading by every member of the old CBC Bank.    Once again……… hearty congrats.
I have noted that against Narooma Branch you have shown that it was an agency from Moruya Branch and of course that is correct, however, it eventually became a full time branch.   I know something of this ‘cause I was Manager there from 1971 to 1972.  I know that I have plenty of photographs of Narooma Branch – slides- and one of my eventual jobs is to organize all of ‘em into this darned machine and then put them onto discs.  When I do this of course I will select the most pertinent and send them to you……………provided that you live long enough?

Gloria and I sold our Wagga Wagga home of some 20 odd years in 2004 and moved into a new retirement village where we have been since.  We have 3 bedrooms, a combined lounge/dining room, kitchen, sunroom, patio, two bathrooms and a double garage.

All who have known me during my 40 odd years in the Bank will no doubt remember that I have been a woodworker since I married my beautiful wife, well…………..Gloria gets her car into one garage, however, my Brumby has to stay out in the cold ‘cause the other garage is my workshop and I was able to get all my machinery, tools etc., into it.  Accordingly I am still a “woodbutcher” despite the fact that I have made all the furniture (and then some) which we use, also that which the children use, their children use and many friends and their children use.  Life goes on, but, I no longer have to put out the garbage containers, mow the lawns, cut the edges etc., etc., 
Once again my heartiest congratulations.       John.

Friday, February 17, 2006

It seems that Belmont NSW Branch has been omitted from the list of NSW Branches!      Now inserted, Ed.

I opened Belmont Branch in January, 1961 and was there for about 8 years.

Prior to opening Belmont I was Accountant at Young NSW Branch and both our daughters were born at Young.

Naturally when passing through Sydney I reported to Head Office and met the then Northern Inspector.

Towards the end of our discussion I asked what instructions he had for me.

He answered “No instructions, just go and open a Branch there”.

Before Belmont Branch opened we had no representation between Gosford and Hamilton, Newcastle so it was rather an interesting place to open a branch, because when meeting people at social occasions and asked where I worked the answer being CBC Bank, the rejoinder was invariably “never heard of it”.

The Belmont building was originally a cottage and then it became a Fish and Chip shop. The cooking stoves etc., were just boarded up with Masonite and we used that room as a staff room.

What was probably once a lounge room became the work area with 2 large safes, the accountant had his own area (where at one time Richard Nott kept the seat warm) and next to that was my office to the south of the building facing west to the street. The banking chamber was open to the street with folding doors to the footpath.

It would have been heaven for bank robbers!

The other rooms at the rear of the building were used as stationery room, others as storerooms, the old bathroom became the ladies toilet, and another as men’s toilet and at the rear of the block was the manager’s garage.


Sept 2005 I have received my copy of the CBC Officer’s Club Newsletter for August and have just been looking at the CBC Bank site, which you are putting together.

Within the next few days I will send you photographs of both Narrandera and Wagga Wagga Branches where once upon a time I was manager.

Gloria and I lived on the premises at Narrandera; however, there are now tenants there apart from the NAB.

As you are probably aware the same architect (Mansfield Brothers) designed both of these branches, (Wagga Wagga Branch was built in 1881) which were more or less identical when constructed, however, while I was Manager at Wagga Wagga the bank (with the Bank’s then architect Laurie and Heath Pty Ltd.,) had the interior stripped and made into a more modern banking chamber and the upper floor became CAGA’s local office.

The exterior had been “updated” many years before and it looked pretty dreadful, however, Laurie and Heath Pty Ltd., arranged for the contractors FM Constructions Pty Ltd of Kirrawee to restore the exterior to it’s original appearance, as near as possible.

While the original building was constructed by a local builder, Charles Hardy and Company for 6,030 pounds, the cost of reconstruction was $300,000.

A copy of Mansfield Brothers original plans for the building form a mural (?) on the western inside wall of the banking chamber for all to see.

My predecessor not only lived on the premises but he “died in the chair”!

I was then Manager at Cooma Branch when appointed Manager Wagga Wagga branch in 1977 and the Bank asked me to purchase a home for ourselves and future Managers, so we did not have to live on the premises, however, as you are no doubt aware the NAB had different policies to the CBC and eventually offered the house to my successor for an agreed value.

Bob ROBSONAugust 2005 Recently returned from 6 weeks visit to U.S.A. Security is paramount, managed to be finger printed also
Noel ROSEAugust 2005 In China on business.

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