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David JAMESFeb 2006  Will be in Tasmania.
2016 August  Thanks for an excellent newsletter this week. It had some really good articles and stories and I particularly liked the one about the Lismore reunion, reminded me of our Dee Why reunions we have from time to time.  

On another subject, would any of the members who may have been in say Properties in the old days, have recollections of the issue, use and eventual recall of the Bank’s revolvers? I think most would’ve been .38 cal. Webley Scotts. I made enquiries to Helen Cadzow, Historical Services Manager, at Property Services, NAB Melbourne to see if there were any revolvers in their collection, however she advised that they didn’t have any and she thinks that all the NBA ones were recalled a few years before merger and there were a few that were in the Archives for a period but were eventually handed over to the Police for destruction I assume.
The only remaining item on display from that weapons collection is a CBC Bank holster, a picture of which is from the Archives and was provided by Helen Cadzow.

I remember someone from, the then Properties section, collecting the two Webley Scotts from Corowa branch when I was Manager around 1980 and before merger. One had a plastic handle and the other had a wooden handle. I think there were instructions in the green “Procedure Manual” that the guns were to be fired on a (sort of) regular basis and to clear the stock of cartridges before ordering a new lot on the stationery order. They were in boxes of fifty.
My staff and I used to go out to a customer’s farm property occasionally to shoot a few boxes of rounds into a dam. All good fun, however the girls weren’t all that keen on the process. None of us were very good shots either, and the farmer made sure that all the nearby sheep were secured!

CBC Bank holster for a .38 cal. Revolver on  display at NAB Historical Services, Melbourne.

Feb 2007 A bit off the current subject(s) however I've just read the text with the old 11 Broadway branch city ( must be a pic coming up) and recall my attendance there in late 1958 for a junior's training course.
The country kids stayed at a boarding house in Mosman near Taronga Zoo and we had to travel to work each day on the ferry. On day one at Broadway we were given a key each to the side door of the branch by Bob Taylor so we could get in each morning.
A couple of days later, I was flipping my key in the air on the ferry and it disappeared over the side. I'd reckon it was still there! Needless to say, Bob wasn't happy and my punishment was to count pennies and bag them up in the branch the following Saturday morning.
For the rest of my banking career, I was always very careful of the wretched keys we all had to carry with us.

 I'm not sure if you want this for the website, but it's an interesting photo anyway which shows CBC Dee Why staff in 1962. The people are:
L-R back row - Wayne Brown, Helen Jobson (nee Tracey), Margaret Darbon, Victor Beecraft, Lesley Lewis (nee Evans) Carol Falvo (nee Morrison) David Jobson.  L-R front row - Geoff Bowman, Adrian Abrams, Rex Dyson.
You can see the photo on the Branches - D - Sydney Suburban page.  Ed.
The photo was taken professionally and at the old 693 Pittwater Road Dee Why branch.  Dee Why staff of the sixties had a first reunion in June 1984 and about every three or four years we still get together at a Dee Why club for a dinner. Usually 20 or so turn up. Regrettably, some like Ken Errington and Geoff Bowman are no longer with us.  Cheers, David

October 2006
  Great pictures John. When I was in Quirindi in 1960, I had an old AJS motorcycle but lusted after the Triumph Thunderbird (the one with the black skirt over the rear wheel)

Old Harold Suttie hated that bike of mine and "didn't think it was appropriate for a young bank officer to be seen riding one around the town" I kept it though and rode the thing down to Sydney when I was transferred to first teller at Dee Why. Traded it in later on another bike.  
Still riding 45 years later!

August 2006
  Hello John, Helen and I went for a ride today to take a pic of the old Yerong Creek branch, between Culcairn and Wagga Wagga. The town is just about history like the bank. A couple of struggling shops and a dead pub. There's also an old Bank of NSW there.
I note that Yerong Creek Branch is not listed in "A Century of Banking" of 1834, it must have closed before that and maybe reopened, I don't know. However it is listed in the Eighty Ninth report as at 20/01/1893 with H.S.Burstal, Manager. And mentioned again in "Current Accounts" July 1959, page 3 in an article "From Colonnade to Commonwealth. That's a good article on the history of the bank and I read it recently as I have a full set of "Current Accounts" from December 1950 to the end and the last one dated September 1982. (with many thanks to George Carmen many years ago for filling some gaps) It's good to go back over those copies every now and again.

Feb 2006  Apologies for the meeting. Cheers to all.  Helen and I will be travelling extensively over the next few months – motorcycling in Tasmania, then a FWD trip to the west via Gibb River Road and Broome, then Perth. Back mid July. We will however be both attending the September luncheon and really looking forward to renewing old friendships. Great newsletter!
August 2005

G'day, I've just had a look at the new website and was impressed at what you have so far. From the eyecatching (and breath taking!) CBC logo, to the images of old branches and list of members, it will be an excellent site to browse through and recall the days of our great little Bank.
Top job and congratulations to all involved.

Do you want any more photographs of branches or anything? I have plenty I can flick to you plus some other stuff.   Yes please, Ed.

Sept 2005

Here's a few more pics. 35 Pitt Street branch holds some memories for me.  

On 27 November 1973, I was accountant there with Col Boomer, my manager. A female armed with a pistol approached the teller's counter and proceeded to relieve him of about $1,800 in notes. The alarm was set off, Col came out of the office to see what was going on just as the robber left the building, placing the pistol in a bag with the money. 
Col and I, in our wisdom, decided we wouldn't let this person pinch the Bank's money, so we raced outside (leaving the old wooden handled Webley-Scotts in the  branch!) and chased her up Pitt Lane, finally apprehending her near Pitt Street. We brought the woman back to the branch by which time the area was surrounded by the Armed Hold-Up Squad. They had been notified by the alarm system with 44 Young Street branch. 
The woman was arrested and eventually charged with armed robbery. For our part, a few weeks later, Col and I were given "the call" to see Mr H.D. Brook, Chief Manager NSW. Mr Brook presented us with a cheque each and a letter of commendation for "devotion to duty!" I wonder if that would happen these days?
November 2011 We just did a ride last week up to Robertson then Wollongong and down the coast to Eden, Orbost, Omeo, up to Falls Creek, Mt Beauty and home. Not many old CBCs in that lot (Swifts Creek is still going though) although I did check out Milton where I was Mgr 1981 - 1987, and it's now a boutique coffee shop and also sells other clothes and crap.
The old Managers would turn in their graves! I had a stroll through the place but everything has been changed, even my old office was not there. Even the back yard is now a "Village Green" whatever that is and full of unoccupied shops.
Rex JOHNSTONOctober 2005  The Royal NSW Bowling Association State Selection Committee  Chairman, Rex Johnston, is a former CBC man having worked, among others, at Cessnock Branch in the mid-seventies.  Sam Clough has also been appointed to the Committee.
Bill KILPATRICKFeb 2006  Sorry I can’t attend meeting. Big Golf Tournament that day!
Peter KIMEFeb 2006  Will be travelling home from up North. Enjoy the Newsletter. Keep up the good work.
Bob KITCHERAugust 2005 Driving to Cairns
Doug LAMBERTFeb 2006  I will make a meeting this year.
C.E. LAMBORN1927 Insapector's Report: Beckom Accountant. Good manner and appearance, Above present average, Neat Ledger Keeper, but not a good penman.
Kathleen LEESONFeb 2006  Due to ongoing medical consultations will not be attending any more luncheons and wish to resign from CBC Officers Club.
David LINDSAYMarch 2007 Sorry Guys unable to attend still working in NAB.
Keep the newsletters coming.
Shame a few more Queenslanders are not memebers.
March 4th 2007 is my 39th anniversary in the CBC/NAB.
Frank MAUNDRELLSeptember 2015 .  I worked with a chap in Overseas Dept. who had been in Vietnam as a Natio.  He had come from Victoria and his name was Kel Johnson.  I heard a long time ago that he was killed in a car accident, I think it might have been as long ago that it was before the merger.  I have no actual confirmation.  Brian Stannard was my Accountant at Wee Waa.

March 2007 I took the attached photo on my recent visit to Tasmania.

It seem obvious to me that the site has been redeveloped since the 1967 photo on our website. Whether that was by the Bank or since sale of the site I do not know. From the design of the building, it would have been possible it was built as a Bank. It is now occupied by Rockmans. Perhaps a member who worked there around the time of the merger could enlighten us.
The modern Hobart Office of NAB is in the ex-NBA building in Elizabeth Street, on the opposite side and well within sight. It still bears clear reference to "National Bank of Australasia"!

I also sought our old buildings in Launceston, Devonport and Burnie. However, without street addresses it was a hopeless task. There are many old bank buildings in Launceston, some identified with plaques, most not. A cousin of mine, an ex-banker (not CBC) who has lived there for over 30 years could not really remember but thought it might have been on a site now used as a car park.  Although not as many, similar comments apply to Devonport and Burnie.
It is interesting to note the different approaches taken to history by current occupiers of old bank premises. In some cases great pride is taken in the history, exploiting it to the full for modern marketing purposes. In others, extraordinary steps have been taken to obliterate the name, even removing moulded names that were often incorporated into building facades. Some towns seem to take great pride in their history, erecting signs with old photographs and information around their main streets. Others seem to take no interest in their history and draw attention only to modern, often garish, developments. Of course, those comments apply to the mainland even more than they do to Tasmania.  Kind regards, Frank Maundrell
December 2006
I always had a line drawn on the counter in Wee Waa and proclaimed to anyone who would listen "I do not go west of this line!".
It's all relative, of course. A little anecdote from Pilliga that could be worthy of record comes from a visit I made to our then Agency there. I was having a cuppa with the Publican (Yes, TEA!) and he related how he had been managing a property in the far north of S.A. He said his wife was the most isolated white woman in South Australia. However, when they had children, they decided it would be better if they "...moved in close...", so he bought the pub at Pilliga!

Gwen McBETHAugust 2005
I received the details of the website from Kerri Kleidon.  
I joined CBC at Western Branch, Melbourne on 4th February 1964 and transferred to North Melbourne later that year.
At age 20 I headed off on a working holiday to UK and Europe, working for 6 months at West End branch, London. 
When I returned to Melbourne after nearly 2 years leave of absence, I was appointed to the Relieving Staff - a great way
to catch up with everyone after such a long absence, and meet plenty of new CBC friends. 
I then had several years in Staff Training, Elizabeth St, Melbourne, another stint on Relieving staff as Securities Officer and Accountant, before being appointed Accountant, Bentleigh Branch until the merger. 
I then moved into NAB Work Study, then was appointed to Management in Head Office Costing.  My final appointments were in Corporate Banking and Finance, Wholesale Banking. I retired in November 2002. 
I have maintained an eMail list of CBC colleagues and arranged lunches, usually once or twice a year so we can catch up.
We are due for another major reunion (usually held every 3 years) so I'll have to start working with friends to get it under way. 
I am the Editor of the NABREC Vic newsletter, thus the contact with Kerri. 
If you have no objection, I'll pass your website details to everyone via my eMail Group.   
And join your club and hope to attend a lunch some time if I am in Sydney. 
McCLYMONT1927 Inspector's Report: Ariah Park Ledger Keeper. Thinks he would like to go to Queensland for awhile. Tall, of good appearance and manner. Promising. Can write well and neatly.


May 2005  Volunteering at the Australian Rowing Championships at Penrith.

Richard McCREDIEJoined the club Feb 2006  Richard joined the Bank at Kempsey in 1959. From there he was transferred to Manildra, South Grafton, Inverell, Nowra, Woy Woy, Manager Goodooga (in 1974), Trangie, Coonamble, Internal Audit, NSW Relief Staff. His last branch was Cardiff where he finished up on 05/03/2000.
Tony MEEHANFeb 2006  Regret:- unable to attend. I will be in Beijing on business.

Joined the club Feb 2006  Bill joined the Bank at Cobar in December 1956, from there to NSW Relieving Staff (35 branches), then Woy Woy, Terrigal, Milton, Newcastle, Hamilton, Manager Bateman’s Bay, Wee Waa, Lismore, Newcastle relief staff. After twenty odd years in the Bank Bill resigned to buy a Newsagency at Speers Point. He told us he is now retired.

Feb 2006  I have also written to NAB pointing out their error in the Annual Report on the history of the Bank – they have ignored me.
May 2006  John has sent in photos of Bellata, Coonabarabran and Gilgandra. This is all that is left of the old Bellata Branch Premises - I understand it burnt down and all that remained was the Concrete strongroom - now in the garden of a private residence. Thought you might be interested in this one.
I have a couple more pix of other Branches I took on a recent trip from Toowoomba to Canberra - I will check out the Web Site and if you have not got them already will send them on to you.
Keep the good work up.  Regards   John Munro.
Des NEWMANAugust 2005 Joined CBC Taree 1957, then Maroubra Junction, Wauchope, Bonalbo, Gosford, Holbrook, Orange. Appointed Accountant West Wyalong 1970  Appointed Manager Mandurama 1972, Cobar 1975, Burleigh Qld 1977
Resigned July 1980. Now self employed Finance Broker
Doug McLEODAugust 2005 joined the Club.
Des NEWMANFeb 2006  Work commitments do not allow my attendance. The newsletter is great. Regards to all.
Kevin NICOLLFeb 2006  Too far – too many grandkids to look after!  Recently visited Moree, Lightening Ridge and Goodooga.
The old C.B.C. building where I worked for two and a half years, fifty years ago, is now an arts and cultural centre. The office section and part of the upstairs residence has been beautifully restored and well worth a visit should you be out that way.
Can’t say the same for Goodooga, my first branch 1967 – 1969. There never was much in the village but there is B – ALL there now.  Photos of  Customer parking area after a shower of Rain   Goodooga 1968 and to-day (2006) supplied.  
Now up on the website – we didn’t have Goodooga listed  even though it is so well known.  Does anyone know when it opened/closed? Ed.
August 2005
Just become grandparents for the fifth time and now anxiously awaiting the arrival of numbers six and seven

Kerry & Roslyn O’CONNOR

May 2005  Monday was a golf day.          Ed:  That was bad luck, wasn’t it.

Kevin William O'NEILLMay 2005  of Mollymook joined at Maitland in 1962.  After that he was transferred up the road to High & Church Streets, then Ulladulla, Walla Walla, Parramatta, Baulkham Hills, Head Office Loans & Funds, Corporate Banking and Leveraged Leasing, resigning in 1982.
Ross O'NeillAugust 2005 Recently completed 17 day East West adventure across the Nullabor.
At home recovering from major bowel cancer operation. All OK
Andy OSBORNEFeb 2006  I find it difficult to get away these days as my wife has mobility problems but occasionally it is possible – rather like a military exercise!

Graham OWENS

May 2005  Doing family things in Tasmania.  Hopes to be at the June meeting.  Graham says “The computer seems to have had indigestion with this notice.
Ed: Yep, failed to check the “footers” prior to despatch, sorry.

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