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Sue (nee Murphy)
February 2006   An Idea
It is noticeable from the newsletter that apologies for not attending are basically, mobility and probably relatively short notice for a one day meeting for members who are now far flung geographically.
Cost is also a consideration for a one day experience when specific ex-colleagues may not attend.  So, should we consider a Re-union meeting of say 3 days with say 12 months notice. As Sydney is the sentimental home of CBC & I assume that most members live in its environs. A Sydney re-union would be OK with me. Why 3 days, well if people are going to visit interstate then it gives an opportunity to have some social outings together. If part of the time is over a weekend then those still working could attend.
From social activities, possibly the cricketers could put on a day match as one of the events. There is always a harbour cruise etc. or picnic day. The Bankcard Centre staff had family days in the Lane Cove National Park (Fullers Bridge) in the halcyon era. The re-union could include the AGM for that particular year. I have often stayed at the hotels down on Darling Harbour and they have suitable convention facilities and the cost of accommodation is not exorbitant. Time-wise March - April is a good (weather) time in Sydney, and the timing does not necessarily exclude those that may want to travel in May-June into the Northern Hemisphere Summer.
I would recommend that we seek expressions of interest. If there is a good response then we can go from there.
Regards  John Hadfield

November 2005 Thanks for the latest newsletter. We regret that Sydney is just too far away for a luncheon 5th December 2005.
 The comments of fellow officers really brings back memories of my CBC life from 1953 to 1983. Being in Head Office for quite a few of those years, many were colleagues and family friends.
Susan & I do not get much opportunity (or need) to visit Sydney these days. I was there in 2004 for the 30th anniversary of the Bankcard launch and managed to catch up with Les Cornell at the function and later Bob Ellicott.
We are still very active. Apart from looking after the Super Fund, some golf and photography are still my main interests. My photography is now all-digital and I give an introductory course at a local Community/Learning Centre on selecting and using a digital camera.
Susan, nee Murphy, was a ‘ third floor Inspectors’ typist in the 60’s working for Norman Winckle (with Phil Brown). Susan is now a keen classical guitarist and plays in a small mandolin and guitar orchestra ‘Concordia’. Susan is the ‘gig organiser’ and the event calendar is on the web She also teaches guitar part-time in two local primary schools, so she is well occupied.
The Concordia events also give me a chance to do some event/concert photography so it’s a way of making the orchestra a joint interest.
We also love to travel and try to get away overseas every 12 months. We relive the trip as I assemble an album in ‘magazine style’ using my computer and print pages on A3.
I retired from the NAB in 1995 after 42 years service. How times have changed. But I still look back with fond memories of 11b Castlereagh Street (no more), Roseville, Eastwood, Elizabeth Street, Head Office, relieving staff, Marrickville and St. Marys. The CBC highlight for me was the Bankcard operation from 1973. The old 343 George Street just does not look right with Virgin Records on the ground floor.
Fred HARVISONJune 2005  While this is not his first attendance he indicated he had spent the last 8 years at Singleton, where he has been Mayor for the past 3 years. He spent all his banking career in the city – joined at Campsie in 1962, then to Mascot, Head office as an Inspectors Clerk, initially in the Southern Division (with Mr. A.C. Paul). During that time he joined the CMF where he was appointed a Lieutenant. He then came back to the Head Office to work with Lee Hargrave (Western Division). In 1969 he went to Vietnam, as a volunteer, on leave without pay for 2 years. When he returned in 1971 he went onto Relieving Staff, then Assistant Accountant at Bankstown,  accountant Mascot (with W. J. Wright) and then to Personnel. He left the NAB in 1984 and went to another financial institution and many other positions.
After some years he went to Singleton and purchased a business. He was in Sydney for the Shires Association meeting and indicated it was great to be here for the Meeting.
Ross HAYESJune 2005
Ross joined the CBC in Woodenbong in 1961(?) and then to Sydney - many years in and around Sydney including Elizabeth Street, King Street, Auburn and then as manager in 1977 to Lake Cargelligo then Cobar and finally Kempsey in 1985.  We heard about this website at the North Coast Retired Officers luncheon last week.  Rhonda Hayes
August 2005
He presently resides at Goonellabah.   He should be in good company there!  Ed.
Bob HANDELAugust 2005 Caravanning in the Top End
Andrew HAYNE
October 2006  Please find attached a photo of the CBC Bank & Residence at Werris Creek (18 Single Street Werris Creek 2341).
I lived here as a child with my parents from 1973 to 1975. My father (Tony) was Manager here during that time.  The photo was taken same years later on a return visit during the National Australia * Bank era.
I joined the CBC at Belmont in 1981 and was declared surplus to requirements in 2004.
Nev HILLENBERGNov 2006  I note your comments re interest rates. I had an interesting scenario in Coffs Harbour when Bray was the Zone General Manager - Coastal.  He wrote a letter saying that all interest rates had to be reviewed to average a certain percentage above base. On his instructions, all were revised and "Upped". Next thing another letter saying that I had not reached the target, so try again. This even happened for a third time. The end result was; that considerable business was lost. One of the medical specialists left us as did two other doctors, 1 self employed bricklayer, and one plumber, one Solicitor, one large Real Estate Agency (Trust Funds around $400,000) - these are ones that I can remember, but there were others. Unfortunately at the time, there was a very aggressive marketing Manager at the ANZ, who was gathering business at rates well below our margins. The Solicitor we lost made him aware of the position, and from that point on; he did the NAB a lot of damage. However, the same marketing manager later fell foul of his own institution for lending at rates too low. His story is, that he resigned from ANZ to join a partnership locally, and the deal "fell to pieces at the last minute" He then went back to ANZ to withdraw his resignation, but appears they were happy to get rid of him, and would not take him back.
Alan HOLMESFeb 2006  I am Treasurer of NAB Retired Officers in Victoria and “Ex CBC Officers”. Enjoy your Newsletter.
Arthur Samuel HOLLANDAugust 2020 Rodney W. Holland of Armidale (grandson) sent us his biography:  Click HERE to access it.
Arthur Samuel Holland was born in 1901 at Bundanoon, started his career in the Bank as Junior in January 1918 at Port Macquarie, and retired in 1961.
Ian HOLSTONFeb 2006  Humble apologies for your next meeting.  Meeting up with Max Vardy and Glynn Irving with their partners this Sunday going to a show in Brisbane.  Should be quite a day as we have 18 of us in all travelling up to see "Menopause the Musical".  Carlene & I saw this show in Florida in 2002, a good laugh.
Last week I was talking to the staff in Murwillumbah (NAB) sorry now "nab" in lower case, that's probably about as low as they can go although as many of us would know they have been there before!!!! This is the 4th change of name or so-called image for nab since 1982.  They tell me at Murwillumbah branch that the "lost" CBC Centenary plaque should be replaced within the next 2 weeks. I will send a photo of the finished product for your archives.  I am not holding my breath to receive an invitation to the unveiling?
If you want an interesting question to ask nab staff, ask them what the two lines in the star mean in the logo?  Guarantee that 99% will not know. Just confirms the fact that they cannot acknowledge the CBC history by saying that the bank commenced operations in 1858 and not 1834.This information is currently reflected in current PR advertising and in branch brochures.  Regards to all for a great day.
Then, under date 28/02/2006:
Our weekend expedition to Brisbane was a big laugh to see Menopause the Musical.  Messrs Vardy and Irving were in good form on the train trip. Glynn showing some old photos of Fernleigh Castle when he and Max were on a course. Some great shots of Vardy and one other course member in the massive Fernleigh bath tub.
Ian advised under date 05/03/06 that “the replacement plaque is in place at Murwillumbah branch.  I have actually touched it and it is real, will send photo in due course.  March 2006 will go down in history as the first time that NAB sorry "nab" have used the three letter word, it's not actually a word but it sounds good, for some considerable time.  The new plaque says "Celebrating 125 years of Banking in Murwillumbah- 1880 -2005- CBC Bank - National Australia Bank."
Nov 2005 
Just a short note of apology for your meeting next week. Trust that you will have a large roll up on the day.  Busy organising the Money Managers Get To Gether at Coffs Harbour in November, fingers crossed for another successful gathering.
Went to a rehearsal for a concert that I was doing with some combined churches the other day and ran into John Gandey. Have given him the website address so hopefully he will sign up with you shortly.  We had a great lunch last week at the Tumbulgum Pub with John Gandey, John & Margaret Hughes ,Fred Venn and self & Carlene.
This week we will be catching up with John Overall. We worked together at Murwillumbah Branch. John subsequently served at Pillaga,Branch Securities and Oxford Street and then resigned to join Associated Securities. He married a New Zealand lass an has lived in Auckland for many years. John worked in the car industry in Auckland. He is currently visiting his mother at Pottsville who is a very active 96 years young.
The drama of the centenary plaque at Murwillumbah Branch has failed to raise any interest from the area manager so I have decided to write to the top man in Melbourne to see if this will stir them up. Murwillumbah Branch is 125 years of age this year. The CSR/s Condong Sugar Mill celebrated their 125th Birthday last week. They were customers of the Branch and in fact the first CBC Premises were owned by CSR and we were their tenants.
Busy life up here on the Tweed, the vocal chords are getting a lot of exercise at various activities and concerts.  Regards to all.  Trust that all the Sydney-Ites are finding their way through the maze of tunnels.
John HUGHESFeb 2006  Away visiting my children in Qld.
August 2005
Visiting Queensland to see my children


I joined the CBC, Head Office in February 1954 after completing my Intermediate Certificate, a shy 15 year old.

I started in the Outward Exchange Department on the 4th Floor, with Tom Grace and Joan Hardman in charge. I was in that department for 12 months before being transferred to the Ledger Department on the ground floor.

During my time on ledgers I worked on several different sets and made some lifetime friends with those girls.

A few years later I was told I would be learning the new proof machine that was to be installed in the exchange department. You may remember them, they were large machines that had 20 boxes to sort and balance the work as it came in. I enjoyed learning something new and once trained I then had the job of training the staff on the other machines that were to be installed. I was made senior girl in the department and did that job for about six months. During that time I was sent to Melbourne Office and Brisbane Office to train and install the machines there. I was away for 4 or 5 weeks on each occasion. The machine was also installed in Haymarket Branch.

Back then to the ledger department before I learnt the Sensitronic Ledger Machine to be installed in the ground floor ledgers. I actually sat in the main banking chamber and demonstrated the machine to those customers and staff interested. I assisted the training of staff for those and when installed I returned to ledgers and operated one for around 12 months.

I was then trained on the Addressograph machine that was installed in the old switch room on the 4th floor. I pressed some thousand or so metal plates with customers addresses which were then used to print envelopes for bulk mailing.

After that job was completed I was then transferred up to Mechanisation Department with Ron Cooper in charge, on the 9th Floor where I assisted in training of staff that came in from the branches to learn various types of accounting machines. Occasionally I would be sent to branches to train staff there.

The things I will always remember about the CBC are the Sports Days,

Tennis at Wolstoncraft with Bill Single among others, Squash at North Sydney, the Bank Holidays Ski trips we made to the snow squashed in the back of a Kombi Van and all the many friends I made during those 10 years.

It was from Mechanisation Department that I resigned in February 1964 to be married and moved to Fiji to live with my husband, a sugar chemist with CSR’s, South Pacific Sugar Mills for three years before transferred back to Sydney.

We settled at Bilgola Plateau on the Northern Beaches and had three beautiful sons who grew so quickly we needed more room so I decided to go back to work to help with the extensions to the home.

I rejoined the bank at the clearing centre at St. Leonards after 11 1/2 years out of the workforce, in 1976 and took a job working from 4.30 pm to 12.30 am. Monday to Friday. This suited me as I still had a 3 1/2yr old at home. I felt I had taken a huge leap through time as the Systems Dept. were just starting to design the magnetic encoding for the bottom of the cheque forms when I left the Bank and here it was in place and there were machines reading that information and sorting as it did so. I especially remember an incident at the centre one night when I was sitting at the desk adding a column of figures in my head. One of the girls came across to me and asked what I was doing. I replied that I was just adding up this column of figures. She replied “But there is an adding machine over there”. I said I know but I have done it now. “But how do you know it is right?” Well you add it up and check it for me. She came back with a surprised expression on her faced and said “It is right!” So even at that time people were starting to depend on machines instead of using their brains.

Another night I was there Vic Martin, and some three others from HO came into the department. I went across to ask if I could help and he looked at me and said ”I know you”. I said yes I worked in HO for 10 yrs. and I’m back after 11 1/2 years. He told me it was great to have the old girls back again.

I was surprised that after all that time that he remembered me. I worked at St. Leonards for two years before gaining a transfer to Dee Why Branch with Jim Henderson as my Manager.

I enjoyed my 2 1/2 years at DY. and I learnt all I could about Branch Work, Telling, General Hand, and then Securities. The incident I remember most about DY was when the Gold and Silver price soared in the late Seventies and we did several transactions for our customers in both buying and selling. One day a customer came into the branch and I went to the counter to help him. He said he had some gold to sell and put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a crumpled handkerchief which revealed several gold filled teeth. I heaved when I saw them and then said calmly “I’m sorry sir, we don’t deal in that type of gold. That would have to be sold back to a dentist.”

During my time at DY branch the CBC “merged” with the NAB. There was a slow and subtle change for some time.

I was called to the phone one day just before Christmas 1980, and when I answered it was Bob Bromley our Regional Manager. My first thought was “What have I done wrong”. He asked me how I was and then told me he was placing me at Avalon Beach Branch as Accountant. My reply was “You can’t do that”. He asked why and I replied “I don’t know enough to be accountant”. He said he had the utmost faith in me and I would be starting there after my holidays in the New Year. I told him I would do my best and thanked him.

The Manager called me into his office and I told him what I had said to Bob Bromley and he laughed and congratulated me.

January 1981 saw me starting at Avalon Beach with Cliff Dunn as Manager.  They were a good group of staff but no one knew anyone else’s job so I started training staff to cover sickness etc.

It was a happy 2 years there, close to home, only 8 mins. drive down off the Plateau.

Cliff was transferred to Brookvale Branch in the October and I had 2 relief Managers until Reg Manning arrived to take up his duties. One of the relief Managers told me he would arrive at 9 each morning and leave at 4. A few weeks later he told me I had lovely ankles and a few weeks later asked me if I would like to see the planters wart on the sole of his foot. He also dishonoured anything that overdrew the account by $5 or more. Once the notices were typed and given to me for signing I would destroy those that I knew had security or would only be a short term debt and replaced those cheques in the work. I knew, that had they been sent out, there would have been a mass transfer of accounts. When this kept up for several weeks I phoned Bob Bromley and suggested that he replace him or there would not be any customers left for the new manager.

Another incident I remember clearly was mid morning one day and the manager was out of the office and only two customers being served, the door burst open and with a “Hoo Hoo Hoo” an ape ran through the door. My first though was we were being robbed. He jumped up onto the counter and stepped over the tellers boxes to the end teller, put his hand in his pocket,

“Do apes have pockets”? And pulled out a banana and a written message which he read to Kathy. I realised then it was a banana gram that someone had sent as it was Kathy’s birthday. With that he jumped down off the counter and with another “Hoo Hoo Hoo” left the bank!

Both staff and customers were in a state of shock for a few seconds and then everyone started laughing. And wasn’t I glad it wasn’t a robbery!

Bob Bromley on a visit in early 1983, told me he wished to place me as a Manager in a small Branch. I was honoured that he thought I could do the job but I said I was sorry to disappoint him but I did not need any more responsibility as I had a 9 1/2, 13, 15 yr old and husband at home.

I did suggest that if I had to move on from Avalon could I go into a training role as I felt there was a need for that. He said he would see what he could do. A few days later he phoned and told me there was nothing available in the training area but he had found something that he thought I would like.

He told me about the forming of a new department “The Electronic Banking Services” department to market the new electronic products that the bank were introducing and Marketing staff were needed for that. Said it sounded quite different and I would give it a try.

The staff organised a farewell for me with a gift and card. On the card was written “You are a very good teacher and we are sorry to see you go”.

So in early 1983 I reported to Graham Owens in Qantas House on 16th, 8th, 19th floor??? Graham was Manager and there were three Marketing Officers and three Service Officers to start the department. Kendall McDonald, David Patten and myself. We would do the marketing and the service officers would install the EFTPOS machines and service when needed. We were really starting from scratch - it was the time that the banks were introducing the EFTPOS system.

We had to develop a package with information of what we were selling, Organise meetings with Bank’s customers who could be prospective users of the system or call on them and explain the system to them and hopefully sign them up. We worked individually and I must say the first few meetings presenting the product to them was a steep learning curve.

However, by knowing the product I soon settled into the job and began enjoying the challenge.

We covered a great deal of the state and each of us went in a different direction. I chose the coast from Newcastle to Murwillumbah. I Enjoyed the job as we were working on our own and we tried to outdo each other with sign ups. I would only travel away 1 week in 4 having the family at home and the other three weeks I would concentrate on our customers in the City and Metropolitan area. One incident I remember was when I called at Kempsey Branch where the Manager had assembled about 40 or so customers and staff to hear of the EFTPOS machine. At the beginning the customers were very wary of the system and I had one customer who was firing questions at me from the very start. Without trying to convince him that the machine would be beneficial to him I answered every question he asked. All others in the room were leaving him to ask the questions. In the end he threw up his hands and said “O.K O.K. I’ll get one. I really believe he was trying to catch me out.

In about 1986/7 the Bank also introduced a payroll package “Paypartners”.

I then learnt that product and started marketing that. By this time the department had grown and we now had around 13/14. There were other products that were marketed also.

I had about 9 1/2 years with Electronic Banking and thoroughly enjoyed every one of them. I saw parts of NSW that I had not seen before e.g. Drove the road to Bourke and Walgett, Lightning Ridge, and down to Mudgee; also suburbs in the Metropolitan area that I didn’t know existed.  I could have taken a cab drivers job and managed quite well.

I resigned from the Bank and the E.B.S. department in 1992 after a further 16 years with them. The reason being mainly because we had to move office again from Mount St. North Sydney to the Towers opposite Central Railway Station. I did not want to cross the Bridge again. It would seem that our department was the floating department in that during the time I had with them we started at Qantas House, then NAB House, Mount Street North Sydney, 88 William Street, NAB House, then Mount St. North Sydney. We had had about 6 moves of office in 9 1/2 yrs. It was a sad farewell as we had started a New Dept., New products and watched them grow, travelled a lot of miles and met some wonderful people both staff and customers.

I thank the C.B.C. for giving me the opportunity to do the jobs I had and secondly to NAB for the experience I gained working with them.

CBC has always been like a large happy family and it is something I will never forget.

As I had learnt the Paypartners Package when I left the Bank it wasn’t long before the woman that had taught me, from Microsoft, called and asked if I would like a part-time job doing payroll for them. I did that for several years and then was placed at a position for 3 days per week. I left that after 3 1/2 years and did part-time again for a few months. Then found a job locally   2 1/2 days a week which suited me. I retired from there when I turned 70.



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