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Kevin Greenaway's book

I have completed my book.  It is called "The Bank Manager Wants to See You" and it chronicles my life from childhood and all  through my career with the CBC.  More than half of the 340 pages in the book are about my time in the Bank.  I feel that it may be of interest to ex-bankers and as I've 'self-published' I have to do all the marketing as well as pay all the costs.




At last, after almost three years of hard work and gaining a whole new respect for authors, I have finished writing my memoirs, ‘The Bank Manager Wants to See You’. The finished copy is A4 size, contains 340 pages, 150,000 words and in excess of 300 photos and illustrations

It begins with a brief family history and then evolves into social history. I’ve recorded memories of growing up in the forties and fifties and through my twenty-three year career as a bank officer/manager with the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney. I worked throughout Victoria and New South Wales in seventy-nine different branches, including small country towns where I met many interesting ‘characters’. I’ve also included Australian history, amusing incidents and details of appliances now considered antique, and long forgotten methods of doing things.


 Reviews of my book appear to indicate that it has general appeal, especially to people of my era who can relate to the events described and it will, I hope, give later generations an insight into what life was like in an earlier and quite different era.


Some reviewer comments:

“He demystifies banking...... a very interesting yarn.....easy to read..... well illustrated……most absorbing…….anecdotally funny…….succeeded admirably… entertaining read…...sound archival references……often amusing…… informative and nostalgic…...I thoroughly enjoyed it….. this is really ‘The way we were’….…start reading and gain immediate empathy with the author…….encapsulate for history Australia’s coming of age….. a must read…… reminding you of your own upbringing….. etc.”



 All printed copies of my book have now been exhausted but it is now available on a CD which can be downloaded to a computer or a Kindle style book reader for $5 including postage within Australia.  Please note - Credit card facilities are not available.


            Kevin Greenaway, 

            140/218 Bishop Road,

            Beachmere Qld. 4510.

            (07) 5433 9440  Mobile 0418 180 142



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