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Deceased H-I

TED HALLMAN (29/9/2004)

  • Ian Watts noted that he was sorry to hear of the passing of Ted Hallman.  He was on the staff at Warialda Branch in the early 1950’s where Ted kicked off his career in the CBC.  Ian ran into him several times later, and describes Ted as a gentleman.

  •  John Gall sent an email saying he was saddened to hear of the passing of his long time friend Ted Hallman in our last newsletter.  John says “Ted and I attended Inverell High School together and were in the same years from 1949 to 1953 boarding together at the Inverell Boys Hostel which was a home away from home for many of us from the NorthWest of NSW.  By shear coincidence, notwithstanding that our late fathers knew each other quite well, Ted and I both joined the old CBC Bank, Ted at Bingara and myself at Glen Innes.  Interestingly although we both spent around 40 years in the bank our careers took us in different directions.  Ted stayed in the bush for many years before transferring into the Sydney area later in his career whilst in my case I moved to the metropolitan area of Sydney in 1956.  I am sure that there are many former colleagues who worked with Ted and have some war stories to tell about him”.

  •  Frank Chapman wrote “It grieves me not being able to attend the meetings However I appreciate your newsletter each quarter but not when I read the list of deceased members.  Ted Hallman would have joined the CBC when I was in Bingara for seven years.  His family had properties there and were well known graziers.

Barry George HAMBRIDGE (3/5/2011)

  • Born 1932
    Joined Bank c.1949
    Left Bank c.1963 resigned from CBC branch in NSW Southern Highlands area 20110503 died age 79
    Lived at Bowral then Temora 1965 became CEO of Northern Riverina County Council HO at Temora.
    HAMBRIDGE Barry George Obituary 03MAY2011 Death age 79  at Sydney South Western Private Hospital, late of Bowral, formerly of Temora.
    Temora Independent 17JUN2011
    HAMBRIDGE Barry George Death notice 03MAY2011 Death age 79. Sydney Morning Herald 11MAY2011

Marj HARBORNE  (23/12/2016)   

      “Murray “McDermott, Manager Roland Village” advised that Marj died on 23/12/2016

Jim HARBORNE (29/3/2019)

  • 15/5/19 David Wyndham advised "Just had a call from Rob, Jim's son, to advise he passed away about a month ago. He was 93 1/2 when he died."
  • 16/5/19 Frank Maundrell advised:  "I just received advice of the death of Jim Harborne, which marks the passing of another CBC stalwart!  I never worked with Jim but knew him for many years.  He was Accountant at Blacktown when I was 2IC at Seven Hills. 
    I think Lidcombe was his first Managerial appointment.  It was during that time, about the mid-1960's to the 1970's,  that I served with him on the CBC Branch Committee of the old United Bank Officers Association of NSW (The Union!).  That organisation underwent many metamorphoses before finally becoming part of what is now the Finance Sector Union. 
    I know Jim's recent life has not been particularly happy, being confined to a Nursing Home and losing his beloved Marge some time ago.  I knew a fine chap, a good friend and, I think, a good Manager from what is now, the "old days of CBC"!  It is sad to learn of his passing."

  • Warren Ebbeck said: "Jim Harborne:Banker, publican,land owner,farmer, cattle breeder,poultry breeder (and bantum lover), entertaining whip cracker and witty raconteur.
    I recall a quip by  Jim after he was cartwheeled over the handle-bars of his motor bike into a boundary fence of his property near  Goulburn and became entangled in the fence wires:-    "The bloody fence was electrified," said  Jim.
    In 1958 Jim accompanied John Jacobs,  Fin  Lewis and myself to New Zealand where we helped to establish a sound CBC/NBNZ relationship during our tour.
    Jim was a mate for over 60 years, godfather of our eldest daughter and a loyal CBC "character". R.I.P. Jim."

Joan HARDMAN-BOARD (27/5/2014)

  • Des Leggett advised: "Sadly, I have to advise the passing away today of Joan Board nee Hardman.  Joan would have been 95 next month.
    Joan had been in a nursing home at Lota (near Brisbane) for some years and had not enjoyed good health in recent years.
    Joan was well known to CBC staff through her involvement in the Health Society and would be remembered for her pleasant and cheerful character.
    Kay and I have very fond memories of Joan not only through the Bank but more so as a loved member of Kay's family.(Kay's mother and Joan were first cousins).
    Her funeral will be 2pm Friday - details in this Thursday's Courier Mail."

Graham Hardwick (8/3/1946 - 18/5/2019)

  • Wayne Linnert advised members:  I regret to advise you that Graham passed away after a long term battle with cancer at Westmead Hospital.
    He joined the bank on 5/2/1964 at Cootamundra and worked at Yass, Tumut,  Coolamon, Castlereagh & Hunter Sts, Sydney, High & Church Sts, Maitland and Gosford. Graham held managerial positions at Green Point, Wyong, Martin Place, Law Courts & Gosford, then Card Services where he finished his career on 15/10/1999. He then was a Property Inspection Officer from 2001 to 2012.
    Graham was an avid North Sydney Bears supporter and had a penchant for horse racing culminating in part ownership of several thoroughbreds.  I have contacted Graham’s wife Sue and passed on our deepest sympathies to the family

  • Sam Clough O.A.M.advised: Graham Hardwick was a wonderful friend way back to 1967.
    Our bowling trips were always enjoyable and not without success; Graham was a great team man.
    His racing discussions (waxing lyrical) and keenness with his horses saw him without peer - he was entitled to get a good one. Zedfast won a few and certainly paid it's way.
    I remember the wonderful times and the great fight he fought.  Proud to be a friend.

  • Ed McLennan noted: Sorry to hear about Graham, he was a top officer.  He was Manager Administration and Accounting to my knowledge around 1999.

Jim HARNEY (24/7/2007)

  • Kerri Kleidon advised: Sadly I report the death yesterday of HJ (Jim) Harney aged 86 who would be known to a number of you.
    His funeral was held on Saturday (28 July) at Forest Place Retirement Auditorium, 356 Blunder Road, Durack at 10.30am.
    John Beer emailed:  Current Accounts 1972 July Pg 12 notes that Jim attended Fernleigh Castle Managers' Course # 24.

Geoff HASTINGS (9/2013)

  • Des Andrews advised that Geoff passed away.  His funeral held at St John the Baptist church, Findon (near Brighton).

  • Geoff McIntyre responded: Thank you for advising the sad news of the passing of my very dear old friend, Geoff Hastings.
    It was only 12 months ago that Ann and I had lunch with Geoff & Jeanne at the Mill Stream Hotel at Chichester and exchanged fond memories of our past experiences together in the CBC.
    You will recall that I was sent to London by the Bank in Feb.1962 for 12 months and Geoff and I worked closely together before he was sent to Australia for a short period. We visited each other’s homes in Findon and Rodd Point during this period and spent a lot of time with our respective families. We have kept in touch over these past 60 years and I feel privileged to have enjoyed his friendship over this time.
    In normal circumstances I would tomorrow be planning to fly to London and then to Findon to attend the funeral such are my feelings for this wonderful friend. Unfortunately, my left foot has been encased in a surgical boot for the past four weeks and I am restricted in my movements for the next two weeks. I am deeply upset that I cannot be there to pass on my sympathy to Jeanne and the Family personally.
    During my term in London, Geoff and I were sent to Scotland to do a report on “electronic accounting by punch cards” which neither of us knew anything about !
    It was during our few days in Edinburgh that I received the news of the passing of my father in Sydney. Geoff was a tower of strength to me during this very sad and difficult time for me and, on the day of my father’s funeral service, Geoff joined me in the Presbyterian Church in Edinburgh . I will never forget and always be grateful for his support and friendship at that time.
    Des – thank you again for letting us know of this sad news. I am in touch with the Family through Paul and will be sending a personal message

  • Peter Beaumont advised: Geoff was one of nature’s gentlemen.  I only wish that we were in the UK as we would attend his funeral.

  • John Ness expressed similar feelings.

  • Jim Scammell responded: Thanks so much for the advice and how sad, a lovely man. Regrettably we are now based in South of France (on a very low budget I might add) and have Steve and Alison White with us at the moment so please send our regards to anyone that knows us.

  • Des Andrews sent a message to Jead Hastings which included the following:
    “I pass on numerous expressions of appreciation  for Geoff’s good-natured, gentle, management that I have received from his CBC bank colleagues, including Peter Beaumont, Alan Holmes, John Ness, Richard Nott in Australia, and Geoff McIntyre whom I understand is contacting you via Paul;  and also from Geoff’s CBC bank London Office colleagues including Suzanne Watson whose personal message is enclosed.”

  • Geoffrey Hastings 1925-2013
    Over the years Geoff became part of so many peoples' lives and Jeanne, Andrew, Colin and Paul are touched and truly grateful for the many messages of support and condolence that have been received over the last few days.
    We see today's Thanksgiving Service as celebration of Geoff's long life — he would never have wanted this to be a sombre occasion — indeed, many people have commented that Geoff always greeted them with a smile on his face and never short of some friendly banter.
    One of Geoff's great passions this summer was to follow the Ashes Series and to use the cricketing ana!ogy, 88 years is a good innings by anyone's standards.
    Early Years
    Geoff was born in Battersea in London in 1925 as the first son to Edward and Honoretta Hastings. After a series of Moves, spending sometime living near Clapham Junction the family eventually moved in 1930 to what would become the established family home at Lyndhurst Road, Thornton Heath in South London where Geoff started his education at Winterbourne Infants School.
    1931 heralded the arrival of Geoff's younger brother Peter and in 1932 Geoff went up to the Winterbourne Primary School where he continued his education including a memorable school trip at the age of 10 to Finland, Denmark and Latvia.
    No doubt inspired by this trip, on his return, Geoff passed the Scholarship exam for Selhurst Grammar School which he joined in 1936. As with so many school children in London at the time, the outbreak of war in 1939 interrupted his education and Geoff was evacuated with fellow pupils to Lullington Avenue in Hove from where he attended Brighton Grammar School.
    In July 1940, Geoff returned to Croydon and was witness to the Battle of Britain taking place in the skies over the South East of the country. Eventually, the family sought some refuge outside of London and lived for a time in Weybridge where Geoff worked for Kennedy & Donkin, a firm of consulting engineers.
    At the age of 16 in 1941 the family returned to Thornton Heath and on the 4th March, Geoff joined the Midland Bank, West Smithfield Branch. He also joined the 67th Croydon Scout Troop which enabled him the following year to pass his Kings Scout Badge. He then joined the Sea Cadet Corps, was accepted as a Y scheme entrant, and volunteered to join the Royal Navy.
    Navy Years
    On the 4th July 1943, Geoff was called up to join the Royal Navy and after completing his training at HMS Collingwood in Fareham he eventually passed out as a Midshipman at HMS King Alfred in Hove. In the January of 1944 — training continued at both Lancing College and Roedean School before finally qualifying as a Navigation Officer at the Greenwich Royal Navy College.
    An inauspicious start to Geoff's Naval career saw him initially posted to HMS Attack at Portland Bill where he joined Motor Torpedo Boat (MTB) 708 which was sunk in the English Channel by so-called friendly fire from two Australian Beaufighters — a narrow escape - but thankfully Geoff survived and was then re-called to join MTB 750 as Navigating Officer.
    The next few months were spent on patrol — mainly around the Channel Islands. On June 5th 1944, MTB 750 was called up as part of the Allied Invasion of France. At 5:30am on June 6th — D-Day - Geoff was aboard his boat a few miles of the coast of Arromanche laying a smoke screen to protect HMS Belfast which was bombarding the coast.
    As the invasion progressed, Geoff's boat was given the unenviable task of clearing oyster mines from the approach channel to Le Havre - this involved dropping depth charges and racing away as quickly as possible. Apparently, the crew on the bridge sat on cushions to minimize the effects of the explosions.
    Eventually Geoff was granted extended leave of about 10 weeks when he took the opportunity to catch up with virtually every show in London's West End.
    By now promoted to the rank of Sub-Lieutenant, Geoff's Naval career ended with him posted to Whale Island where he took command of a small MTB — CTB47 which had the somewhat dangerous task of towing targets that were fired at by Sub-lieutenants undergoing training.
    In October 1946 - at the age of 21 - Geoff was demobbed from the Royal Navy and returned back to his desk at the Midland Bank where he became a cashier on the counter.
    Working Life
    The next few years saw Geoff's time occupied with work at the Midland Bank eventually moving to a branch in New Oxford Street.
    On the social side — Geoff continued his interest in the Scouts and became a Rover associated with the 67th Croydon Scout group which also inspired the formation of the Pathfinders Dance Band in which Geoff played the accordion. By all accounts, the band secured a number of regular bookings and were paid 30 shillings (£1.50) for a Saturday night.
    By 1949 Geoff had become somewhat disenchanted with his career at the Midland Bank and answered an advert in the London Evening Standard for a position in the Bill Department at the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney in the City of London based in Birchin Lane.
    At the same time, Geoff became involved with the local Young Conservatives where he met Jeanne and they became engaged around the time of the YC National Conference at Eastbourne in 1951.
    Married at St Paul's Church, Thornton Heath in March 1952 —Jeanne and Geoff spent their honeymoon in Falmouth — the weather was very cold.
    Andrew, their first born arrived in 1953 and the growing family had by now moved to their first house in Cambridge Road, Carshalton.
    Work and family life continued apace and •off attended the International Banking Summer School at Knocke
    I in Belgium. A second son, Colin arrived in 19 6 an the :ank mov o new offices in Old Jewry in the
    ity where Geoff was appointed Assistant Superintendent International Department.
    In 1959 the family decided to move to a new home in Carleton Avenue, Wallington and Geoff bought his first car — a Ford Prefect — affectionately remembered by its number plate LTV654.
    A third son, Paul arrived in 1962 and soon after, but hopefully not connected, Geoff went away for a business trip to Australia for 3 months. There began an association with many Australian friends and colleagues that has endured to this-day.
    On his return, Geoff was kept busy both at work and home and a close association was formed with St Marks Church, Purley. Geoff became a sidesman and took on the sometimes demanding roll of being Scoutmaster for the 25th Purley Scout Troop.
    In 1968, Geoff decided that the stage beckoned and he became involved in the local amateur dramatic society St Marks Players where he debuted by taking the lead role in "An Inspector Calls". Over the years, Geoff continued his association with the players appearing in and directing a number of productions that included The Browning Version, Harlequinade and Tea House of the August Moon.
    By this time work was also beginning to involve a number of overseas visits to the Continent that included several visits to Moscow which of course at that time was still behind the Iron Curtain.
    In 1971, Geoff was promoted to be London Manager of the Bank which involved a lot more business travel and culminated in 1980 with a month long trip to Australia — this time accompanied by Jeanne.
    Having been promoted to Assistant Chief Manager, London Office — a surprise takeover of the Bank by the National Australia Bank in 1981 effectively made Geoff's position redundant and he decided to take the opportunity of early retirement having worked for the Bank for 32 years.
    Early Retirement
    Early retirement opened up a whole new world to Geoff and he became involved in the Voluntary Sector. Of particular note is Geoff's involvement with the Croydon Voluntary Service for the Blind where he eventually ended up producing a weekly news tape of local news and current events that was duplicated and distributed across the borough to blind and visually impaired residents.
    Geoff found this and other voluntary activities particularly rewarding in between rediscovering his golf swing and enjoying regular rounds of golf with other retired colleagues. It also opened up the opportunity for more travel and in 1984 Geoff & Jeanne embarked on a 3 month holiday that included a visit to Hong Kong and an extended stay in Australia that allowed them to catch up with close friends and ex-bank colleagues.
    In 1986, another chapter started in Geoff's life and with all 3 sons now flown the nest - he and Jeanne decided to move from Wallington to Flndon.
    The move proved a great success and Geoff and Jeanne adapted to village life and gradually made new friends and became involved in local organisations and activities.
    Music was always important to Geoff throughout his life and a source of great enjoyment — whether performing or listening. In 1990, the opportunity arose to become involved in the Local Music Hall production
    in the Village Hall — where Geoff played the piano and over the following 4/5 years played in a further eight or nine productions.
    There also started a longstanding association with St John's Church in Findon — where Geoff became a sidesman and on occasions would play the church organ if required.
    Involvement with the local Primary School in Findon provided much pleasure as Geoff became a School Governor where he also played the piano at school assembly. It always pleased him when encounters with youngsters throughout the village often began with the greeting — "I remember you — you used to play the piano at my school ". Geoff eventually retired from his duties at the school and he presented the school with a small shield called the "Hastings award for outstanding achievement" which to this day is still awarded annually.
    Another great pleasure was the involvement with Probus and also the Coastal Forces Veterans Association where many longstanding friendships were formed.
    When he had any spare time he also enjoyed playing bowls and the odd game of snooker.
    Latterly — Geoff began to wind down some of his activities but always took a great interest in village life and really felt part of Findon and the associations he belonged to — it is gratifying that so many are here today to pay their respects.
    Never shy to embrace the digital age — Geoff bought his first laptop at the age of 80 and fully exploited the age of the internet and loved keeping in touch with family and friends around the world using email.
    Sometimes when introducing himself, Geoff would say — its an easy name to remember — Hastings as in 1066 —this may explain when choosing his own email address that he insisted on including Senlac Hill — site of the Battle of Hastings - as part of the address. It's not clear whether this made the address any more memorable but was certainly unique.
    Which brings us to the present day — Geoff packed a lot into his 88 years and touched a lot of people's lives.
    Over the last few days — the family have been overwhelmed by the kind words and notes of condolence that have been received. A common theme throughout them all is that Geoff was great company, always willing to help out and a true gentleman. His life covered a momentous period in modern history and he always moved with the times but never forgot his role as a loving husband, father, father-in-law and grandfather — he will be sorely missed but leaves a tremendous legacy of cherished memories and laughter that will endure well beyond today.

Russ HENVILLE (14/3/2006)

  • Russ Henville passed away on the Gold Coast on 14th March 2006.  Kerri Kleidon advises:

Russ was a very jovial chap, said he remembered me when I worked in Head Office - I think Russ was either State Securities or Auditors - not real sure, but I'm sure many there in Sydney will remember him.

John Beer emailed: Russ was in Audit Department CBC Head Office 343 George Street Sydney about 1960s. Don Scott stated early May 2006 that Don thought Russ was the most senior person in CBC HO Audit.  In those days (before Mr RG [Bob] Taylor) was appointed Chief Auditor, Audit reported to a Senior Inspector in HO, I think Mr Jim T McCloy. Bob Taylor retired from Chief Auditor of CBC just prior to the merged bank adopting short name as “National Australia Bank” as from 1 January 1983, when he was replaced by Mr JH (John) Cadet.

Jim HICKEY (1/3/2014)

  • Vale - James ( Jim ) Michael Hickey  30 June 1932 - 1 March 2014
    We are advised by Mr. Steve Kelly (Son-in-Law) of the passing of Jim Hickey in Brisbane
    Jim is survived by his wife Margaret of 53 years ( also an ex CBC staff member ) who met Jim in the late 50s in the bank and his four daughters and one son . Jim’s health had not been good over the past 10 years but his lifelong mate Margaret has nursed him over difficult times . His four daughters, who all reside in Brisbane, have been constant companions and with their families and Jim's 7 grandsons will ensure Jim's legacy lives on .
    Jim Hickey- a fine and well respected colleague and Gentleman .


  • Don Cobcroft advised: Thanks for letting me know about Jim Hickey as I worked under Jim while he was manager at Richmond Branch back in the early days of 1969. 

Clifford Arthur HINTON (1/11/2009)

  • Ken Ryan advised of Cliff's passing.

  • John Beer advises that Cliff was:
    born 14th August 1944,
    Joined CBC Bank at Granville around 1961.
    1967 March 20 CBC Bank 26b Old Northern Rd Baulkham Hills branch opened where customers included Mr & Mrs Hinton parents of Cliff A Hinton
    1968 June Cliff was in second lot of CBC audit clerks appointed mid-1968 (wiith John Beer from CBC Baulkham Hills & Brian Bartley)
    1960s a cricketer in CBC Golden Oldies team & Baulkham Hills Cricket Club
    1974 Relieving Manager Wentworthville where he counted Teller Helen's cash
    Cliff & Helen married & had sons Daryl & Andrew
    Cliff was Manager of CBC branches including
    1979 Gloucester
    1980s Windsor
    1980s Double Bay unified branch
    Father in law of Sashikha
    Grandfather of Antisu & Noah
    2009 March 3 CBCOC meeting apology "cancerous growth located in urethra & undergoing radiotherapy & chemotherapy treatment then hope to be back attending meetings & on the cricket field with CBC Golden oldies in the near future. Regards to all members"
    2009 June 1 CBCOC meeting "apology - unable to attend due to continuing chemotherapy treatment. Really enjoy the newsletter. Regards."
    By October it was realised there was no chance of recovery because cancer spread too quickly to areas that could not be radiated.
    2009 November 1 died peacefully at home
    November 3 Tuesday obituaries in Daily Telegraph & SMH.  November 6 Friday 11am Service in St Pauls Anglican Church 421 Old Northern Rd Castle Hill (adjacent to & north of Anglican Retirement Village) Donations to Cancer Council in lieu of flowers.
    Attendees included John Beer where there must have been more than 100 people who were invited to Baulkham Hills Sports Club for continuation of celebration of the life of Cliff.

Tom  HONEYMAN (8/11/2000)

  • 1960 Manager Barraba
    19700630 Inspector
    19730630 Chief Manager Corporate Services
    19740630 AGM Corporate & International
    19770630 GM Operations
    1979 retired
    HONEYMAN Thomas Harvey late of Yamba died 8 November 2000 SMH Death Notice 11 November 2000

June HONEYMAN (12/2009)

  1. Wooloweyah leader will be missed by Marsha Neville | 19th December 2009
    June ’Honeypot’ Honeyman.
    WOOLOWEYAH lost its most adored and respected community member on Thursday, with the passing of the village matriarch, June Honeyman, aged 94.
    Wooloweyah lost its most adored and respected community member on Thursday, with the passing of June Honeyman, aged 94.
    Considered the matriarch of the village, June or ‘Honeypot’ as she was affectionately known, will be fondly remembered as the builder of community spirit.
    “She had the vision to create a strong cohesive community that protects and nurtures the children,” her close friend Angela Rock said.
    With her late husband Tom, June donated money towards the establishment of the Wooloweyah tennis court that this year staged its 10th annual Wooloweyah Wimbledon competition.
    She was the custodian of the tennis court key that hung at her front door for the kids to fetch when they wanted a hit.
    She said the court should remain free to the village children always.
    “It was her idea to have the kids’ competition, saying ‘don’t forget the children’ and bought tennis racquets for prizes and presented them every year,” Angela said.
    Catherine Suttor remembers the Honeymans opening their doors to the playgroup she established 13 years ago.
    June was a surrogate grandmother to many of the village kids.
    “Every year when the mandarins were ripe, we would take the kids to the Honeyman's garden to pick the fruit,” Angela said of the tradition that June carried on after Tom passed away.
    June’s best friend Bobby McCaughey, who visited her daily in the past years, said June led an inspired life.
    “She was instrumental in establishing the parklands and enlisting the help of others; she always bought the raffle tickets that came to her door, sponsored children overseas and gave to about 10 charities on a regular basis.
    “She was the keeper of our stories,” Bobby said.
    June could be seen at every birthday and community meeting, often sending up a six-pack of beer at the end of a working bee.
    She had her own two children Mary (now deceased) and Peter and five grandchildren Tom, Alex, Diana, Joni and Nicky, but was mum to so many more.
    June was greatly loved and respected and a wonderful role model who will be sadly missed

Glyn Ewart IRVING (5/8/2015)

  • Our thanks to Audrey Irving for advising that Glyn had passed away.  She said he loved his banking career which started in Brisbane Office.

  • When Glyn graduated from school he commenced a life-long banking career with the ‘C.B.C. He attended Albert Street Methodist Church on Sundays where his Dad sang in the choir. He spoke fondly of his early time in the bank where there were no adding machines and one of Glyn’s jobs was to make the ink for the day: No biros or computers in those days.
    He was called up to National Service and spent 4 months at Wacol in Signals as he had a strong clear voice. He always maintained that Australia should bring back National Service and make it compulsory for all young people to build responsibility and respect.
    Romance came into his life when Audrey Foley moved to Brisbane in 1957 to do Teacher Training and they met at the Church’s popular Sunday Night program. Glyn was transferred to Charleville and lots of letter writing and long car drives to Kingaroy kept the romance going. The marriage between Audrey and Glyn took place on 23rd September 1961:

    Glyn and Audrey settled in Surfers Paradise Where he started his lifelong interest in Share Trading, as one of the bank’s customers was a broker. Audrey was teaching at Surfer’s Paradise School but on 15th April 1963, Jennifer was born at Southport hospital.
    The move to Woodenbong came a few weeks later. Audrey and Glyn started playing golf together at the Woodenbong Golf course the greens were fenced to keep the cattle out as it was a cattle reserve. They enjoyed playing golf together throughout their married life. Anita was born on 16th February 1966.
    With 2 small children they moved to Raymond Terrace. Church was always an important part of family life and the minister there had 7 preaching places to cover. As Glyn and Audrey had a local Preachers certificate they often took a service at the little country churches. They continued contributing to local church communities with joy and passion.
    The next move was to Gilgandra. Glyn was an accountant here and enjoyed the Apex Club and playing tennis in places like Curban and on the farm tennis courts. Glyn went to the banks Accountants School in Sydney’s ‘Fernleigh Castle’ and some of the other bankers from that course are here today and Glyn often shared fond memories of this time.
    2 years later the family were off to Grafton. Glyn and bank joined in the Jacaranda Festival activities where the staff dressed up and decorated the bank in exotic themes. After 2 years he was appointed manager of Aberdeen branch. Glyn loved being a manager, building the branch up in customer numbers and becoming involved in the community. He even tried a hand at Treasurer of RSL and lawn bowls club.
    After 3 years Glyn was appointed to Wellington NSW Branch where they stayed 9 years. He had 8 hotels banking with him and he helped set up the Chinese Restaurant where we had regular Friday night meals. Rotary became an interest here and he loved the role of sergeant of arms and being in charge of the weekly jokes. Thank goodness for Readers Digest!

    The next move was Wee Waa, a small town with a busy branch in the heart of the cotton country. His last move (the 9th one since marrying) was to a double branch of Culcairn and Walla Walla near Albury. Glyn retired in 1991 and Audrey & Glyn headed off on one of many world travelling adventures in 1992. Their first trip was for 6 months exploring Europe by train and visiting Jennifer who was living in Sweden. They also visited Anita and Rodney many times in England where 2 of their 4 children were born. It has been special for Glyn to have his 2 girls and their families back in Australia. He was so proud of his four grandchildren and all their achievements and always wanted what was best for them in life.’

Jenny ISSELL (1/2012)

  • Sad to report the death of Jenny Issell, wife of Doug.  Jenny was only 63 and had been fighting cancer for many years. 
    Funeral is at St Michaels Horsham on Friday at 1pm. Doug spent most of his CBC career in the Victorian country and Port Adelaide. 
    After his career in the Bank, Doug became secretary of the Natimuk Hospital and I think he remained there until his retirement. Des Akers

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