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Deceased - C

Alan CADELL (26/10/2009)

  • Alan's daughter Gillian advised John Ness: "I am writing to let you know that my father passed away at Lady Gowrie Nursing Home at Gordon on 26th October, aged 91.
    It was good to meet you recently and I am only sorry that Dad was not well enough to have caught up with you again. I did tell him that you had moved into Knowlman Avenue (Alan used to live in the same street and maintained prized Camellias) and as always, he was interest to hear any news of former CBC colleagues.  Dad's father was in the CBC and so our family have had a long association with the bank.  Would you please advise the CBC Officers Club of Dad's death - O know how much he enjoyed reading the newsletter over the last few years, even though he was not able to attend any functions.  Sincerely, Gillian Tunstall."

Caryl Yeats CALCOTT nee Souter (22/3/2015)

  • John Beer advised: Caryl was born 1934/1935.
    lived at Sydney, Moree, Canberra Highland Park Qld
    Joined CBC c. 1950 / 1951 CBC Marrickville; worked at CBC Marrickville. Followed her father to Moree and Canberra.
    Worked at CBC Moree. Worked at CBC Canberra Office. left c. 1970
    Died 2015-03-22 age 80 after short illness caused by exposure to asbestos; Illness reduced weight to 40kg.        

  • Bill Calcott (William G) joined NBA c. 1946,  Left c. 1990
    Married Caryl Yeats Souter who worked in CBC Canberra Office. 
    Bill was friend of CBC's Harry Hamilton. Bill knew many CBC Canberra staff. Bill said CBC was so much larger than NBA Canberra.
    In Canberra Caryl married Bill (William G) Callcott who worked in NBA. 
    Lived in house in Canberra that had fluffy insulation in ceiling. 
    Bill & Caryl when in Canberra had sons Scott and Chase. Mother & mother in law of Scott and Lola, and Chase & Rae. Nanna to Hamilton and McKenzie. Sister of Janine Deceased and Duncan. 

Mac CAMERON (12/3/08)

  • Des Akers reports: Some of the boys up your way may like to know that a well known CBC man, Mac Cameron died here in Melbourne on 12 March.  Mac was just on 95 and retired from the Bank around 1973. At that time he held the position of Divisional Manager Central and was respected by all his peers and his troops.  Mac served in the RAF in Europe in WW2 as a Navigator on Catalina Flying Boats.  He would be well known to people like Les Firman.

Brian Errol CAMPBELL (10/3/2019)

  • Late of Yeronga, Brisbane. Passed away peacefully 10th March, 2019. Aged 92 Years.

  • Kerri Kleidon advised: Brian was the CBC Chief Manager Qld in  late 70s.  His son Terry worked in the Bank in Sydney, and his brother Alan was my Manager at C & H Sts Sydney.

Ian CAMPBELL (9/2013)

  • John Beer advised of CBC Officer Ian Campbell's death from heart attack age 74.

  • Ian was brother of Alistair Audit Clerk then Relieving Manager then Manager Pennant Hills
    Ian was Accountant Griffith then Manager Gulgong and Bowraville
    Ian & Alistair were sons of Roy Campbell.

  • Roy Campbell, was employed by CBC at Grafton (with Jim Harborne). Manager Tottenham then retired as Mgr Scone to Port Macquarie
    Roy's brother Evan was Manager Bundarra then Relieving Manager

Rae CARMAN (12/12/2010):

  • Passed away peacefully on Monday, December 13, 2010. Late of Galston.
    Loved and loving wife of George. Loving mother of Robyn, Ross, Shelley and their spouses.
    Adored Gran to Carly, Briana, Todd, Rebecca, Sarah, Natalie and Melissa.
    So dearly loved, so sadly missed.
    A Thanksgiving Service for RAE will be Celebrated at Epping Presbyterian Church, corner of Bridge and Rawson Streets,
    Epping, on Wednesday (December 15, 2010), commencing at 2 p.m.   Privately Cremated.

Frederick George CARPENTER (10/10/1991)

  • 1925 joined CBC Head Office, then worked at Coonamble & country branches
    1935 Inverell with Fred Royer where Fred Carpenter married Phyllis Dorothy Beer from Gunnedah
    1944 January son Malcolm born at Strathfield
    1949 Petersham
    1952 Accountant Kingsford
    1955 to HO then 1956 joined staff of CBC Savings Bank HO
    1959-0602 Fred helped John Beer join CBC at Tamworth
    He was Oficer-in-Charge Safe Custody Locked Boxes at HO basement and Bonds & Debentures
    1971-0708 Fred retired to his Strathfield home
    Fred was active in CBC Retired Officers Club
    1975 approx Fred sold Strathfield home & bought house at Castle Hill
    1982 approx Fred sold Castle Hill & moved to live with son Malcolm at Narromine
    1991-1010 Fred died at Narromine age 83. 19911014 SMH
    20010921 Phyllis Dorothy Carpenter died at Narromine age 90, survived by son Malcolm & daughter-in-law Lyn & 2 grandchildren & one grandchild.

David CHOICE (12/1/2006):

  • David passed away suddenly on 12th January 2006

    David worked in the CBC for around 10 years prior to resigning to work with ABN AMRO.  He was a brother of Peter Choice, who is one of our members.

Geordie CLACHERS (6/9/2007)

  • Chris Rush reported the death of George Cooper CLACHERS on 6th Sept.
  • CLACHERS, George Cooper. 6 September, 2007. The Sydney Morning Herald Monday, 10 September 2007:
    Son of Henry King Clachers and Janet Lamont Cooper (both deceased); brother of Bruce (deceased) and Jan Melissari; brother-in-law of Lee Melissari and Alan and Stephen Perrim; father-in-law to John Zappia; "Geordie" to former wife Julie Perrim; dad of Heather Zappia; uncle to Daniel, Robert, Kim, Bruce, Ben, Grace, Jesse and Josiah; Poppie to Rose, Joshua, Daniel and Levi. We love you and will miss you.
  • Julie Perrim, George's former wife, advises “After CBC, Geordie, worked for Taxation Dept in Sydney and Parramatta. Later he worked for Concord Council. In the early years he followed his beloved “North Sydney” football team, but later changing to West Tigers. He loved all his children and grandchildren.”  PS. My first job was with National Bank of Australasia, 340-342 George St., Sydney which later joined with CBC to become the NAB.

Barbara CLARK (wife of Colin Clark)  (1/1/2019)

  • David Wyndham advised: It is with great regret that we advise the passing of Barbara Clark, wife of our long time member, Colin Clark, on 1st January, 2019.
    Barbara had been ill for some time.
    Funeral arrangements are as follows:  Saturday 5th January 11:00a.m. at Innes Garden Memorial Park, Phillip Charles Drive PORT MACQUARIE.
    We have written to Colin and the Family to express our deepest sympathies on her passing.  Those members who are able are requested to support Colin and the Family at this sad time.


  • Rowan Raymond-Jones advised members on 4/1/2014: So early in the new year we have bad news for all the many friends of David Graham CLARK.  His wife Norma has advised us of his passing and mentioned the following notice in today’s Sydney Morning Herald:    “Beloved and loving husband of Norma.  Loved and loving father of John, Peter, Alison and Paul, father-in-law, grandfather and  great-grandfather of their families.    A service was held in St Alban’s Anglican Church, Tryon Road, Lindfield on Friday 10th January 2014 at 2.00 pm.”  David had been unwell for some time and was at Neringah Hospital, Wahroonga, when he passed away. 

  • Eulogy for David Clark at Lindfield on Friday 10th January, 2014 by Richard Nott:

    For people like David Clark and many in this congregation who spent the majority of their career with one organisation, the work bonds are long and true. In fact, these people spend more waking hours with each other than with their families, and even retirement can be a wrench when it happens let alone when one leaves us permanently. David had a lot of friends in the CBC and later the nab bank. One of the down-sides of living a long life to almost 90 is that many of these friends have left the stage already, and Ray and myself are a poor substitute for these people. Our sentiments of course are the same as those that have echoed across the years.

    I worked with David initially at Casino on the north coast in 1959 where he was the accountant and I a struggling teller, probably the worst the branch ever had. Despite this, David was a tolerant, understanding and encouraging leader, even when the manager Ted Lamborn would bark out instructions such as "have you balanced exchange account yet young fella?" ever after that time whenever I met David I would greet him with the same question much to his delight. In the 1970's we were both in the hr department in Sydney and there he became an important part of the bank's support administration which was the cement that bound the efficiency of these types of businesses together. After he retired I would bump into him regularly at the Gordon shops or the blood testing centre. He would invariably open the conversation with a comment on the Australian stock exchange and I think he really was a frustrated stock broker rather than being a banker. He always asked me for share tips, and I always answered with the same comment: "my dear David, the first thing to do when buying stocks is to check the register and if my name is there, don't buy them!" he was always gracious and enjoyed male black humour.

    When someone close to us dies it is a beastly time, even when they live to almost 90 as did David. It is never long enough. All of us experience this anxiety and we, David's colleagues, send our affection to his family as they journey through this dark night of the soul. I take great comfort from the message of sages down through the years that help us through this little while of wretchedness and loss. I leave you with two of these messages that help me in saying au revoir.

    Jesus said to his disciples 'in a little while you will not see me and again in a little while, you will see me, because I am going to the father" some of his disciples asked amongst themselves "what does he mean in a little while we will not see him and again in a little while we will see him and he says it is because he is going to the father? We do not know what he means. " Jesus knew that they wished to question him and he said "I said, a little while and i will not see you and again in a little while i will see you because i am going to the father. Is this what you are asking amongst yourselves? I am telling you the truth. Now you are sad, but the world will rejoice and your grief will be turned into joy. A woman when she is about to give birth is sad because her hour of delivery has come, but after the birth she remembers no more the anguish for joy that a child has been born into the world. That is how it is with

    You. Now you are sad, but I will see you again and your hearts will be filled with a gladness that no one can ever take from you". That is the great promise and foundation to our Christian faith that we have received the priceless gift of eternal life and in our own time we will not only be reconciled with god but with those whom we love; not for a little while, and not for a long while, but for all the while.

    How do we know this is true? It requires faith and hope, instinctive in the underlying affection that the message brings and I think of those exhortations from the great psalms of David. "He hath set me up in a place of pasture. He hath brought me up on the waters of refreshment." in pastures-green? No, not always. Sometimes he who knoweth best, in kindness, leadeth me in weary ways where heavy shadows weave, out of the sunshine fair and bright, into darkest night. I oft would faint with sorrow and of fright, only for this - I know that he holds my hand. So whether in a green or desert land, i trust him though i do not understand. And by still-waters? No, not always. Oft times the heavy tempests blow and awe my soul the waves and billows blow. But when the storm beats loudest and I cry aloud for help, the master whispers to my soul "Lo, it is I. Beyond this tempest lies the perfect day. In every path of thine I lead the way." So whether on the hilltop high and fair I dwell, or in the sunless valley where the shadows lie, what matter, he is there , yea, more than this, where ere he leads, he gives me no helpless broken reed, but his own hand, sufficient for my need. So where he leads, I can safely go, and in the blessed hereafter I shall know why, in his wisdom, he has loved me so.

    Dear David Clark, we leave you with that wonderful hebrew beatitude "mizpah" that means "may the lord watch between thee and me until our next happy meeting"

  • Summary of points mentioned in Eulogy for David Clark at Lindfield on Friday 10th January, 2014 by Ray Knight:
    3 score years and 10 is a very good life.  David Clark attained 4 score years and 10 and then some - a wonderful life.  His mind was a sharp as a tack.
    David the Banker joined CBC at his home town of Morpeth in the late 1930s.  He was in the Army for a year and then in the Air Force, City of Perth Squadron which was soon to be deployed out of Darwin . Darwin had 64 air raids and 1100 bombs. Ninety bombs were dropped on Katherine, yet he survived .

    After the war David returned to the Relieving Staff serving at numerous branches from Cobar to Delegate; Toowoomba to Quilpie by the sea.
    He was then appointed an Inspector's Clerk at Head Office where he met Norma.  She too was a seasoned CBC Banker having spent 5 years at Armidale then to Bathurst and Sydney University branch.  Norma became the typist for Eric McIntyre at Head Office and they were married for 57 years.

    Following their marriage David was appointed Accountant at Casino for 3 years, manager Tabulam for 2 1/2 years, manager Temora for 5 1/2 years.  He had a rapport with rural people, and had numerous community jobs as country bankers those days always did.
    His next transfer was to the Share Department at Head Office and the Staff Department where he was in charge of the Officers' Provident Fund.
    Following the NAB merger he retired after 45 years in the bank.
    He was active in the CBC RSL Subdivision, the Cricket Team and running at the Sports Days.  He was also a savvy investor and stock market advisor.
    David attended retired officers functions until a few months ago.
    We wish him well - we will remember him.

Helen CLARK (nee Wall)  (31/5/2014)

  • Pat Thorp advised: Helen ,widow of Ross (decd) ex General Manager passed away in the Sydney Adventist Hospital on 31 May 2014 at the age of 91 years.  The funeral is at Pymble Uniting Church 2pm Friday 6th June. Helen (nee Wall) had worked in the Head Office typist’s pool before marrying .


  • John McIlveen was saddened to learn of the passing of Bob Clement and Ted Hallman.  John worked with Bob at Albury branch during the late 1950’s and knew Ted during his Nowra days and later at the quarterly luncheons.

John Cecil George CLULOW (28/10/2008)    Sally CLULOW (2/12/2008)

  • 2nd December 2008 Clulow Sarah Irene "Sally" widow of Clulow John Cecil George died aged 86, late of Merewether (Newcastle Herald 4/12/08) within weeks of her husband.

  • Harold Wood and Geoff  Chapman advised that JCG Clulow , late of Merewether, passed away 28th October 2008 aged 85 years.Service to be held The Chapel Harris Street Wallsend 1/11/2008 commencing at For further information Pettigrew Family Funerals  4951 1166

  • John Hughes  described him as a "good old CBC man".

  • John Roberts advised: John was a good bloke and I believe that he hasn’t been well for yonks.
    I will be in contact with Sally in the near future.  I spoke to JCG some time ago on the phone and he didn’t sound very well at that time!
    I opened Belmont Branch and received instructions from the Divisional Inspector while I was at H.O. supposedly to be instructed in the opening of a Branch that I should contact JCG who was then Accountant at Newcastle Branch and let him know that although I was younger and had been selected to open Belmont, that he shouldn’t be too concerned because he was more or less next on the list and would be very happy with his promotion.
    In due course I gave him the message and JCG opened Mayfield Branch which had been an agency and therefore would have been a better business than Belmont.

    I used to drive from Belmont into Newcastle to either drop off unwanted cash or pick up wanted cash every week with Elizabeth Rees, after Belmont got cracking and of course I would liaise with JCG and Chester Kenyon,(who was Assistant Accountant) because the then Manager whose name I can’t remember was usually busy.
    We had both been in the Air Force in the UK (where he met Sally) and I can well remember those days when both JCG and Jim Sharp would arrive at Belmont to pick me up and then we would go down to Gosford to get Harry Brook and his offsider (Accountant) ? Smith and then we would head off for Sydney and to the CBC RSL Sub-Branch for the monthly meeting at Head Office. Following that we would get half full before going to Central to catch the last train back to Gosford and then home! I always wondered what would have happened and where we would have finished up if we had gone to sleep on the train and missed the Gosford stop.
              Geoff  Chapman advises: Just thought you may like a copy of the service programme from John's funeral today. A number of old CBC people were there including Mike Freidman, Allan Roth, Ron Armstrong, Billy Butler, John Bowden, Kim Schonberger (alias Mrs Hamburger!!).

Sandra COGSWELL (26/9/2014)

  • Bob Handel wrote: It grieves me deeply to bring you the sad news that popular Club Secretary, Sandra Cogswell, has succumbed in a long battle with cancer and passed away this morning in St Joseph’s Hospital, Auburn.
    Pall Bearers Fred Harvison, Craig, David Caton , Tim, Steve, David Wyndham
    There has been a request for no flowers, donations in lieu f/o RSPCA Blue Mountains Branch.
    Richard Nott AM has requested to deliver a Eulogy.  Having not known Sandra whilst in the service, I have had a close and very amicable association with her as we were both involved on Committee with the CBC Officers Club, over the past 5/6 years when she accepted the position of the Secretary.  Sandra was a dedicated organiser and dutiful worker for her fellow CBCers. She always had a smile and a bright cheery greeting .  She doggedly carried on, with the same confident and happy air, when her illness came on her. Sandra was not going to give in.
    Both Robyn and I are very saddened by her passing, but relieved that she suffers no longer. She is sadly missed. God blessed her.

  • John Turner wrote: Very sorry to hear of the passing of Sandra. We worked together at Wentworthville where she joined the bank about 1967. Roger Pike was the Manager. We had a lot of girls come in looking for a job but only the very best looking girls had a chance. Sandra had all the qualifications and her application was sent to Head Office. She proved to be a very capable and hard working officer well liked by all the staff and customers.

Pearl COOKE (2/5/1924 - 18/8/2017)


    David Wyndham     Pearl spent a lifetime of service in the 'CBC', formerly in Lismore after which she became a mainstay at Canberra Office for many years.  On the 4th April last year, we   were most fortunate to welcome Pearl to our Out of Sydney Luncheon held in Queanbeyan where she was presented with her Life Membership Certificate.  She will be sadly missed.

    Rex Daley               My wife Nancye and I attended Pearl’s service of Thanksgiving at the Anglican Church of St.John The Baptist, Reid ACT, with Janette Hyeronimus and Ann Taylor. It was a large service. Pearl had had no children of her own but many of her 16 Nieces and Nephews and 38 Great Nieces and Nephews plus her Sister and many old friends from that church were there. Pearl retired from Canberra Office.

    Esther Meszaros    Pearl’s association with the former Commercial Banking Company of Sydney, first as an employee and then, for very many years, as a member of the former employees” Club, was one of the most treasured connections she had.   Pearl often mentioned that by working at the Bank she gained many insights into what the wider world had to offer and she took every opportunity to participate in these experiences.  Pearl made many friends through the Bank and continued these friendships, through membership of the Club, and the “15th of the Month lunches” of former employees in Canberra, for the rest of her life.   I know Pearl tried to attend as many of the Club’s meetings as she could, travelling to Sydney for the events.  She read each newsletter avidly and kept back-copies for years.

    Her attendance at the meeting held in Queanbeyan on 6 March 2016 was one of the highlights of her year.   We talked about it so often afterwards (I had taken her to that event and was able to put faces to some of the names Pearl mentioned).   Pearl was absolutely thrilled, honoured and delighted with the “Life Membership” she was awarded and the certificate which the Club presented to her on that occasion.   I can assure you that it hung in pride of place in her room at Kankinya Lodge, her final home in Canberra.   I know, as I hung it there myself, after holding it in several spots on the wall.    Pearl pointed it out to every visitor she had.  Pearl died in her sleep, in her room, after a few days of being tired and unwell.   She was 93 years of age (and three months–don’t forget the months, she used to say).  I shall miss her greatly.     (Ed Note Esther was a great friend of Pearl)


Neil COOMBS (26/5/2017)

  • May 23: Kevin Nicol advised that Neil was in a bad way.
    May 26: Further to my e-mail of 23rd, sadly, I regret to advise that Neil Coombs passed away this morning in John Flynn Hospital, Tugun.

Les CORNELL (   )

  • .

Bob COSGROVE (10/11/2011)

  • Kerri Kleidon advised: I've just received the sad news that Bob Cosgrove died yesterday afternoon (10 Nov). Bob was diagnosed with an inoperable Brain Tumour back in May. Bob worked in both CBC and NAB. He was in Work Study in NAB. In recent times was working at QRAA. Funeral details are not yet known, but will no doubt be in the Courier Mail in due course.
  • Bob Wilmot advised: I am not sure if you have as yet been advised of Bob's passing. Bob as you can see from the tribute from the General Manager Mr Tony O'Dea at QRAA ( Queensland Rural Adjustment Authority) Bob passed away Thursday evening 10/11/11.
    I met Bob when I went to work with Qraa last February assessing Grants and Loans for Small Business and Primary Producers impacted by the November/January Floods and Cyclone Yasi.
    As Tony has mentioned Bob was a gentleman, and in this respect I use the term gentleman meaning not only a gentleman but a gentle man.  He was one of a kind, always up for a joke, and could take it as well as give it.  He will be sadly missed.  Bob worked in the CBC and finished up in the NAB.
  • To all QRAA staff, It is with deep sadness that I announce the passing of our friend and colleague Bob Cosgrove.
    Bob passed away peacefully last night at around 6.30, after being diagnosed in June with an aggressive brain tumour.
    Our thoughts are with his loving mother, wife Jenny, daughter Debbie, grandchildren Abby and Willliam and son Conrad at this very difficult time.  Our thoughts also go out to his brother, our friend and colleague, Bill and his other brothers Jim and Michael.  
    Bob will be greatly missed by us all at QRAA.  He made a lasting impression here and I would like to pay him the following tribute:
    We are deeply saddened by the passing of this lovely man who we came to love and respect.
    Bob was born on 8th May 1948, only 63 years and 6 months ago. 
    Whilst we are all struggling to believe that he left work at the end of May for three weeks holiday and never returned, we have some great memories of his time with us which we will cherish forever.
    Most of us did not have the pleasure of meeting Bob until he joined QRAA on 18th April 2006, to assist in the assessment of Tropical Cyclone Larry loans and grants.
    During the following 5 years, it would be an understatement to say, he made a significant contribution to QRAA and Queensland’s primary producers and small businesses.  Not only did he bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the organisation, but a great attitude and warm personality.  Every one of us who worked closely with him should have learned a great deal from him about life. 
    We must all take strength from the fact that we were able to share some great times with Bob.  It was our pleasure to work with him and our privilege to know him.
    Robert Neil Francis Cosgrove – an absolute champion.  RIP

    Regards, Tony O’Dea On behalf of the Senior Executive Team of QRAA

Frank McDonald "Mac" COTTEE (29/12/2011)

  • 2011 Dec 29 approx died aged 92.
    2012 Jan 21 Saturday Noon Petersham RSL Club Memorial Gathering

John COTTON (17/3/2008)

  • Kevin Meyer advised:  John passed away last night as you have probably heard. No funeral date but no doubt will be in SMH in next day or two.
    John and I met at Sydney Grammar school some 68 years ago and have been great friends ever since. I hope to be at the next meeting to speak about him.

Joan COTTON (6/1/2015)

  • JOAN COTTON       
    23rd September 1932  -  6th January 2015

    Dear Members,

    It is our sad task to bring you the news that Joan Cotton, widow of our late Life Member John Cotton, has passed away. 

    Joan suffered a massive cerebral haemorrhage whilst holidaying with her family in Kiama on Christmas eve and remained in a coma until her passing on Tuesday 6th  surrounded by her loving family. Her family is grateful that Joan was able to have another 5 ½ years independent living after her previous stroke and have regular contact with her beloved local and international Grandchildren. And she was able to attend Christine’s wedding and Matthew’s graduation just 6 days before Christmas.

    Our thanks to Life Members Kevin Meyer OAM and David James for their advices.


    Heather McALPINE:   Dear Friends, It with a heavy heart that I am informing you that our dear Mum died at 11pm last night.  She never recovered from the massive cerebral haemorrhage that caused her to collapse on Christmas Eve. She became progressively less responsive and her life quietly ebbed away.
    We did our best to surround her with our love and care during her last journey. David was there and Alison flew in from the U.S. with Sarala. John and Melinda (our daughter) were also there as we sang her favourite hymns and swapped stories of Mum's quirky sayings and our favourite memories.
    Imagining that Mum, with her gregarious nature, might want company in her dying process, we all tried to spread ourselves around, being with her at the hospital. I was there with her last night, and after praying over her and caressing her forehead, before hopping into the palliative care bed beside her, she took her final breathes. It was a sad but beautiful and sacred experience as she slipped from my arms into our Heavenly Father's arms. To summarise my feelings I would say I feel a sad and peaceful gratitude.
    Sad that we can no longer have our dear Mum's enthusiastic involvement in our lives. Sad that I can no longer hear her cheerful recounting of all her friend's, Lindfield Gardens' and St. Martin's news.  Yet peaceful and very grateful in that she had another 5.5 years of independent living after the previous stroke. Grateful in that she was able to attend Christine's wedding, Matthew's graduation 6 days prior, and have regular contact with her beloved local and international grandchildren. Peaceful in that she did not survive with tragic permanent disability but instead transitioned from life with a minimum of suffering. But my main peace is that she has been embraced into God's outstretched arms and is now 'home' with Him.

Ian Holston:    Lovely lady Joan Cotton, she was always a good supporter of my singing and a good “Showcase“ Voter in the seventies.


  • Ray Knight spoke at the June 05 meeting about Leo Costigan. He indicated that he had similar characteristics to late Ian Cadell. He served in the Bank mainly in Queensland, but resigned to buy a Newsagency.

  • Kerri Kleidon wrote in the Queensland May Newsletter that Leo Costigan died.  Leo did spend some time in NSW, but eventually came to Qld where he was retrenched in 1991.  You might like to mention his death at the June meeting.

David Mark COWPER (13/6/2014)

  • Michael Hook advised: "I went down to Melbourne for the funeral, which was out towards Dandenong at Ferntree Gully.  His wife & family were pleased to see some CBC folk, Bill Rutherford & Jim Buchanan were also there. About 80 I would guess, a lot of old family connections & 8 grandchildren. His son conducted the service, he is a lay preacher in Lismore. We were given a lovely photo of David, when he was about 45, I guess, no other formal , singing etc.  I told  Joan & the family that there were many emails praising Dave".

Cyril COXON (8/2007):

  • Cyril passed away in August 2007.

  • Kerri Kleidon advised: "Cyril Coxon was Principal at Fernleigh Castle in late 70s early 80s, then he came up to Queensland as Manager Brisbane Office.  After his first wife died, he married Audrey (can't think what her maiden name was) she was the Secretary at Fernleigh.  Audrey died I would think 20 yrs ago (maybe not quite that long).  She was good friends with Barbara (again can't think of her surname) who worked at Head Office Ground Floor enquiries.  I use to work with the pair of them out at the CBC Showground branch.  Cyril was very 'upper crust' like a military man - but great fun." 

Sir Robert CRIGHTON-BROWN (11/7/2013)

  • Sir Robert Crichton-Brown from The Times, London August 14 2013:
    Robert Crichton-Brown was an able, energetic and ambitious businessman who rose to be chairman of the tobacco manufacturer Rothmans Inter¬national. He came to wield consider¬able influence in his native Australia, but his early retirement in 1988 brought wider public attention. There was criticism in the press, including Tony Blair writing for The Times, of what seemed to be an excessive pay-off after fewer than four years in the job.
    Robert Crichton-Brown was born in Melbourne, the only son of Leslie Crich¬ton-Brown and Kathleen Mendel Solo¬mon Sr. He grew up in the suburb of Strathfield and was educated at Sydney Grammar School. The family company, Edward Lumley, was the oldest and largest insurance brokerage in Australia, having changed its name from Bennie S. Cohen which was believed to be the original family name.
    Crichton-Brown joined the Royal Artillery and later the General Staff. He fought in France, Iceland and India and was twice mentioned in dis¬patches. In London in 1941 he married Norah Isabelle T bull and took her back to Australia where he resumed his position with Lumleys. By 1952 he was managing director. e was chairman
    from 1974 and would be a director for more than half a century. In 1969 he was elected president of the Australian Institute of Directors.
    He was a passionate yacht racer. In 1967 he was a member of Australia's winning Admiral's Cup team on the Balandra and in 1970 he won the Sydney-to-Hobart yacht race on the beautiful Pacha. That year he was appointed CBE for services to yachting.
    In 1973 he turned his formidable attention to the federal Liberal Party, becoming its honorary treasurer until 1985. His term included the eight-year prime ministership of Malcolm Fraser.
    The community beckoned too. He sat on advisory boards for the Girl Guides and the Salvation Army; he was co-ordinator for the Duke of Edin¬burgh's Award Scheme and a national councillor for the Scouts.
    He sat on the boards of a number of Australian banks and finance houses and, from 1979 to 1995; he was director of the Daily Mail and General Trust. He had been appointed director of Rothmans, Australia in 1971 and in 1981 became its chairman. This did not appear, at the time, incompatible with his role as president of the Medical Foundation of 'Sydney University or director of Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. Such was his success at Rothmans that he was appointed executive chairman of Rothmans International in 1985. Despite his colleagues' misgivings, he moved from Sydney to London where he would live for the rest of his life. He was knighted in 1972 and advanced to KCMG in 1980
    His wife, after seven decades of marriage, died in 2011, and he is survived by their son and daughter.
    Formidable Australian businessman and chairman of Rothmans whose interests ranged from politics and charity to yacht racing
    Sir Robert Crichton-Brown, K010, CBE, businessman, was born on August 23, 1919. He died on July 11, aged 93.

Winsome CROWLEY (20/7/05):

  • Winsome was known to Kerri (Scott) Kleidon.  She was the first female Accountant appointed in Queensland in the CBC Bank.  She had MS and had moved to Queensland.  She originally came from Murwillumbah.

  • Winsome was 55 and passed away peacefully in her sleep on 20/7/05.
    Service was at the Anglican Church Murwillumbah ( All Saints) 1.oo p.m. Monday July 25 2005, at which Ian Holston sang a Psalm.

John CULF (2006):

  • Vic Martin spoke of John Culf’s funeral which was held at St. Mathew’s Church, Wauchope as he attended same. John formed the “O & M Group” for the Bank.
    Kevin Meyer also spoke of John – he remembered him from Tamworth and Stock Exchange branches. Kevin said they “took over” from one another on a couple of occasions.
    Bill Waldock said John was a gentleman and mentioned his Coffee plantation at Alstonville.


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