representing Officers and families of
The Commercial Banking Company of Sydney Limited
and its subsidiaries & affiliates.




1982 Queensland



319 Queen Street, Brisbane

Chief Manager Queensland                      J. BOADLE

Assistant Chief Manager                         I.J. HENDERSON

Regional Manager                                   R.S. KNIGHT (Brisbane Region)

Managers Lending                          R.J. PHAUP J. WALTERS


Manager                                                D.W. BARTHOLOMEW

Branch Securities

Securities Officer                                   M.D. GALL

Centralised Collections

Manager                                                D.G. ELSWORTHY

Corporate Banking

Manager                                                D.E. MORTON, A.A.S.A. (Snr.)

Assistant Manager                                  K.J. WARREN

D.P. Operations

Manager                                                H. DAVIES

International Banking

Manager                                                T.G. CRISP


Manager                                                R.H. STEER

Marketing Officer                                   L.C.T. NORTH

Money Market

Manager Money Market                           P.L. BERESFORD Co-Ordination

Organisation & Methods

Manager                                                R.N.F. COSGROVE


Manager                                               W.N. PETERS

Personnel Training

Senior Training Officer                           N.R.J. LOWE


Manager                                               P.M. ROBERTSON

Purchases & Stores

Manager                                               J.M. LOMAS


Manager                                               T.D. RYAN




Manager                                               C.W. COXON

Assistant Managers                              B.W. McCALL P.R. JENNINGS

Accountant                                           H.F. HALL

Assistant Accountant                             B.J. FLEMING

Overseas Department                        D.L. BROWN Manager

Assistant Manager                                 I.N. THOMPSON

4-011       A.M.P.                                                                 V.R. Heales                     L.E. McDonald

4-030       FORTITUDE VALLEY                                            A.C. Hartmann                 G.J. Josey

4-040       GEORGE ST                                                        C.I.R. Siemon                  N.F. Jackson

4-059       LIECHHARDT STREET                                          W.P. Shannon                  J.J. Wise

4-104       ALDERLEY                                                          D.L. Thompson               

4.114       ASHGROVE                                                         J.A. Watson                    M.W.A. Tarnawski

4-150       CHERMSIDE                                                        J.T. Bishop                      C.K. Moen

4-157       COORPAROO                                                      C.L. Gold                        N.R. Wigginton

4-173       EVERTON PARK                                                  B.H. Rumble                    R.E. Irwin

4-200       HAMILTON                                                           G.W. Grant                      P.A. Kalms

4-225       KENMORE                                                           W.J. Buhmann                 A.W. Lines

4-250       MOOROOKA                                                        B.A. Colley                      J.A.B. Gailer

4-262       MOUNT GRAVATT                                                N.G. Shelley                    K.D. Cooper

4-270       NEWSTEAD                                                         J.M. Gagen                      L.M. Skaines

4-283       NUNDAH                                                             T.C. Hobbes                    J.A. Dwine

4-290       REDCLIFFE                                                         L.J. Costigan                   G.D. Sheppard

4-305       SANDGATE                                                          D.T. Finselbach                D.F. Sheales

4-317       STAFFORD                                                          E.I.R. Bezer                     R.A. Jones

4-320       STONES CORNER                                               R.C. Hosking                   L.G. Burrows

4-322       STRATHPINE                                                       N.D. Lehfeldt                   K.A. Duval

4-341       TOOWONG                                                          K.D. Cunningham             D.P. Wise

4.345       UPPER MOUNT GRAVATT                                     R.A. Hamilton                  E.E. Radicke

4-349       UNDERWOOD                                                     A.J. Garner                      W.C. Cavanagh

4-350       WEST END                                                          E.G. Hartfield                  T.S. McGrath

4-360       WYNNUM                                                            L.T. Murphy                     R.M. Byrne

4.410 ALLORA                                                                     B.A. Mapes                     

4.412       ANNERLEY                                                         A.K. Dowrick                    P.J. Campbell

4-420       AYR                                                                    A.A. Frizzell                     I.P. Sunner

4-440       BEAUDESERT                                                      J.H. Stevens                  

4.460       BUNDABERG                                                       J.R. Lauriston                  G.R. Diggles

4-462       BUNDALL                                                            R.B. Francis                    R.S. Berghofer

4-468       BURLEIGH HEADS                                               D.L. Ayscough                 M.S.J. Smith

4-480       CAIRNS                                                             J.H. Butt                          D.F. Harrison

                                                                                        G.R. Banham

(Asst. Manager)

4-484       CALOUNDRA                                                       J.R. Phillips                     R.A. Franks

4-500       CHARLEVILLE                                                     M.D. Mulville                   

4.514       COOLANGATTA                                                    K.J. Perrotta                    D.K. Schurmann

4-520 CUNNAMULLA                                                           G.A. Harding                   

4.540       DALBY                                                                A. Ind                             L.J. Conlon

4-560 GAYNDAH                                                                 S.C. Pyne                      

4.570       GLADSTONE                                                        G.G. Schmidt                   A.J. Leaver

4-590       GOONDIWINDI                                                    B.J. Sandstrom                P.W. McFarlane

4-610       INGHAM                                                              V.F. Bimrose                   F.L. Kerr

4-620       INGLEWOOD                                                       R.J. Slater                      

4.640       INNISFAIL                                                           R.J. Gaze                        Appointment Pending

4-660       IPSWICH                                                             R.C. Bennett                   D.F. Lindsay

4-680       MACKAY                                                             R.S. Brooker                    A.J. Woodhead

                                                                                         J.W. Wickham

(Asst. Manager)

4-683      MACKAY NORTH                                                 P.J. McDougall                A.K. Stehbens

4-687      MACKAY WEST                                                    R.C. Robertson               G.R. Harrison

4-690      MALANDA                                                            R.S. Smith

4-696      MAROOCHYDORE                                               D.P. Cook                       L.J. Townsend

4-710      MARYBOROUGH                                                 C.J. McPaul                    R.I. Witty

4-716      MERMAID BEACH                                                B.E. Thomas                   S.J. Adey

4-730      MILLMERRAN                                                      D.M. Clay

4.760      MT. ISA                                                               M. Glassop                      D.S. Williams

4-776      NAMBOUR                                                           D.T. Turner                      B.J. Villinger

4-787      PIALBA                                                                R.A. Davies                    J.G. Callahan

4-790      PITTSWORTH                                                      R.J. Proudfoot

4-810      QUILPIE                                                              P.J. Condon                    M.A. Tracey

4-826      RISING SUN                                                        L. Saunders                     G.J. Young

4-830      ROCKHAMPTON                                                  A.J. Howe                       R.J. Staines

4-850      SARINA                                                               D.E. Bradley                   R.G. Wise

4-860      SOUTHPORT                                                       D.R. Lowry                     I.J. Beveridge

4.870      STANTHORPE                                                      P.R. Jensen                    B.N. Best

4-890      SURAT                                                                D. Watts

4.900      SURFERS PARADISE                                         G.S. Barwick                     P.J. Quirk

                                                                                       T.J.N. Binney

(Asst. Manager)

4-920 TOOWOOMBA                                                           B.B. Murphy                    G.S. Pope

4-940      TOWNSVILLE                                                       G.R. Whiting                   P.C. Bunn

4-960      WARWICK                                                           F.J. Venn                        W.T. Doyle




BRANCH                                                               MANAGER                     ACCOUNTANT

9-990      DARWIN                                                             L. Scrivener                    R.A. Spann

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