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CBC Rugby matters

Norm White reported August 2009:

While hailing the achievements of the Burke and Whiddon Cups let us not forget that from 1964 (pretty sure !) we had a 3rd team in the JUDD CUP.
In fact in 1964 it reached the Grand Finals, held at Drummoyne Oval, playing PENNANT HILLS . PH won 20-12 on the day.

I played in 1964 and 1965. Bob Ellicott can probably remember more of our players than I can.
Brian Bartley who later went to W.A., George Harding, two Del Grande’s (one in the bank – the other a cousin from outside – both very good).

Remember well travelling all the way to Five Dock Oval where the toilets and change rooms were locked to us, and the trip afterwards to the Haberfield Rowing Club where 10/- got us a feed of party pies and sausage rolls, after a shower downstairs. (& a few beers).

We minor players looked up to John Gall and his team of course.

Look forward to talking about it further. Unfortunately the only material record I still have is the small blue Players Card we were given in 1964 which entitled us to free entry at any Sydney Rugby match. I will try and dig it out.

Forde Leathley reported November 2009:

I eventually tracked down John Chalmers - a big tall bloke who played front or 2nd row with the early Whiddon Cup sides - he told me they won a premiership the year he played & he did not get his blazer - I told him you'd fix this up?? He did say he kicked a few goals. John has lived in Perth WA since about 1988 where he took out a McDonalds franchise/finished with 3 Macca,s  360 staff ,plus a heart attack. Retired at age 60 & now plays golf twice a week.When I told him about the Sept 2013 Rugby re-union, he said "I might be dead by then"  but later reiterated he will put it in his diary & he hoped to make it. His mobile 0450 622 446. He has a unit in Toowoon Bay & has an occasional holidqay there.You may know of his son, Greg Chalmers a left handed pro golfer on the USA circuit. I think there would only be 2 more accomplished l/h than Greg - Michelson & Nick Ahern.

I also told Aldo Barnaba (I'll be spending this week end with him and Julie/Bill & Helen Peel/Brian & ? Chapman/Jim & Marg Phelan) re 2013 & I hope to bring him to Dec luncheon (where is it to be held- let me know).

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