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1935 Sub-branch was chartered to preserve the comradeship of those staff who saw service in wars.

1951 June issue of Current Accounts indicates that The Commercial Banking Company of Sydney Limited RSL Sub-branch was operating between WW1 and WW2.  It also states that the Avalon Home was opened by General Manager A.S. Osborne in April 1951.

1967 January Current Accounts page 42 states that service in Korea was included.At that time there were 11 staff on active service in Vietnam & Malaysia including Messrs Shaw, Hancock, Bensley, Cain, Gaze, Pitman, Skinner, Trigg, Weymouth, OBryan, Stannard.


2008 January the following were noted:

Following their return from World War II, many ex-service members of the staff of The Commercial Banking Company of Sydney Limited formed a Sub-Branch of the R.S.L. It actively cared for its members. assisting in their rehabilitation and maintaining the bonds that they knew whilst in the forces. A major activity was the establishment of a "Holiday Home" at Avalon which was made available to its members for holiday lettings. Meetings of the Sub- Branch were held at 343 George Street and many lady members of staff assisted with the catering for these gatherings and in other ways.

Ultimately. the "Holiday Home" was sold as the demands on it and the problems of continuing maintenance were becoming excessive. The sale of the home meant that the Sub-Branch's bank balance grew - and it still stands at a healthy figure. We regularly support charities such as the Salvation Army, Legacy and the R.S.L. Welfare and Benefit Institution.

When the C.B.C. and the National Bank amalgamated, an invitation was extended to ex-service members of the National to join in our activities. Many have done so and they have played a vital part in the functioning of the Sub-Branch.

As the number of World War n veterans is declining. the Sub-Branch has felt the loss of members. However, it occurs to us that since many bankers retire to areas where they have served in the bank and become members of their local Sub-Branches, they are unaware that they may also become Associate Members of the NAB. Sub-Branch. We would welcome their becoming Associate Members.

Additionally, we would welcome to membership those who are eligible for membership of the R.S.L. as a result of service in Vietnam or wherever Australian forces have been engaged. As well we would also welcome those whose eligibility arises through having served in the C.M.F. or other Reserve Forces.

All members of the Sub-Branch, whether Full or Associate Members, are invited to participate in the meetings which are followed by lunch. They are held on the third Wednesday of every second month - February, April. June. August and October - at the Combined Services Club, 5-7 Barrack Street, Sydney at 12 noon. It is our custom to invite "The Ladies" to join us on the occasion of our June and December luncheons.

Those who are precluded by distance from attending meetings in Sydney. regularly receive an R.S.L. Diary and a welfare contribution with the suggestion that they take their lady out for a Christmas luncheon. They also receive the regular Newsletter posted every second month giving details of the next meeting to which they are invited. should they be in Sydney.

The Honorary Secretary of the Sub-Branch is John Love who would like to hear from any person who is eligible for membership. He may be contacted by 'phone (02) 4733 3805, by email ( or by writing to him at 17 Rainbow Close, Glenmore Park NSW 2745.

An increased membership will defer the day that the Sub-Branch becomes defunct and any remaining funds are passed to R.S.L. Head-quarters. We look forward to an influx of new members.

President:           Bob Owens
Vice President:    David Clark
Treasurer:          Lindsay Huxley


2015 September: This organisation has been closed and is no longer on RSL HQ records.

John Love advised:
Please note, all listed sub branch members were fully advised via meeting notices, of what was happening within the said sub branch, especially regarding the decline in ATTENDANCE of listed members.
Which left the sub branch executive the unfortunate decision to close the sub branch.  Relative funds were distributed to various RSL organisation, with RSL HQ approval; plus listed members were advised of the funds disposals, again via notice papers.  All relative sub branch records have been lodged at RSL HQ as per their instructions.

The Sub-branch was closed at the end of financial year on 30th June 2014.


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