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T.A. Dibbs

1847 Thomas Allbright Dibbs joined CBCofS at George Street near King Street
1861 Dibbs TA opens first Bank in Cooma in two small rooms of the Lord Raglan Hotel
1867 Dibbs TA becomes GM of CBCofS for 48 years until he retired
1892 A beautifully made illuminated address book  was a gift from staff to their General Manager as he was leaving to go on a European holiday. The book has an ornate marble cover and is richly illustrated and inscribed. A list of contributors is also included and presents us with a cross-section of the senior staff at the time. See below.
1915 Sir Thomas worked for the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney for a total of 68 years until his retirement in 1915.
1923 Sir TA Dibbs passed away after honorary director - 76 years service in all.

T.A. Dibbs illuminated address:


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