representing Officers and families of
The Commercial Banking Company of Sydney Limited
and its subsidiaries & affiliates.




Changes to Constitution

The Retired Officers Club commenced in 1970 and apart from allowing those who left the bank's service other than by retirement, its constitution has remained almost the same until now.

At the December 2009 meeting of the Club, a number of proposals were put forward.

They included:

1.    Incorporation of the club,

2.    Extending the membership criteria to include families of people who worked for CBC Bank, its subsidiaries and affiliates,

3.    Obtaining Liability Insurance, and

4.    Whether the name of the club should be changed.

The proposals were put to the vote and approved at the March 2009 meeting.

One benefit of Incorporation is that members' liability is no longer unlimited.  Many other clubs are incorporated, including the NAB Retired Officers Club in New South Wales (NABROC).

Extension of membership to family members allows members' partners, widows and widowers of deceased members and interested offspring to retain the acquaintances they have built up over the years.

Liability Insurance should safeguard organisers and members who may inadvertently do or fail to do something that could lead to a claim against them.

The Office of Fair Trading has advised that it would allow the registering of 'CBC Officers Club Incorporated', and the Club was formally incorporated on 18th March 2009.

Changes to the Constitution were passed at the March 2017 meeting.  They were mostly formalities.

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