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South Australia
Adelaide Office,
66-68 King William Street



1953 interior photos of the banking chamber and
1954 photo
of the building at 66-68 King William St opened one month before the arrival of the Queen.
The photographer for 66-68 King William St was Keith C Rainsford.  Provided by Nab archives 2018.

1955 Press release.

1975 Listed in Annual Report.


2021 vault photos supplied by Jim Urbex.  No Iím not ex staff - Iím a photographer and I run a blog where I take photos of buildings before they get demolished to preserve the history. I usually write articles articles to accompany the photoís to better document what the building was originally used for.

I would absolutely love to interview some of the old staff who worked in the building  and include some of their stories about how the bank worked and what their job was. 
I recently took a series of photos of the old CBC bank at 66 King William street Adelaide while it was under demolition for the new city office tower. I was intrigued by the bank vaultís in the basement. I have attached some of my photos to give you a better Idea of what I do. Yes you can put my blog post about the CBC bank and images on your website if you like.
This is the link to my blog:  Thank you very much for sending me the photos! These are great, I really appreciate it. Wow the foyer was beautiful in its day, with all that marble.

Bordertown 1934 Listed in Century of Banking
20 Currie Street,


1925 Buildings and parked vehicles in Currie Street
DESCRIPTION: Currie Street, north side, April 22nd 1925. Right side of the Bank of Victoria is 23 yards west of Gilbert Place and frontage is 8 yards. The building, designed by English and Soward and built by W.T. Collyer was opened in late April 1925. A newspaper report with photo occurs in The News, 28 March 1925, pg 3. (State Library of SA).

1934 Listed in Century of Banking;

1954 (prior to March) photo from Nab archives stating it was originally Bank of Victoria.
38 Currie Street,
Adelaide, SA
 1975 opened (from Current Accounts July 1975)
1975 Listed in Annual Report.
1966 Opened December.
Pictured in CA, July 1974;
1975 Listed in Annual Report.
Photo from Current Accounts Jan 1969.

1975 Listed in Annual Report.

Hendon Agency

1968 photos reproduced from Current Accounts January, 1969.  It is not of a Branch, but of an Agency conducted from the grounds of Philips Electrical factory at Hendon, S.A.

Counter staff are identified as Geoff Terry and Rosslyn Knight.

Pictured are Lyn Bradford, Robyn Shaw and OIC Harry Hewson with four trainee engineers from Philips Electrical.

Millicent 1934 Listed in Century of Banking
Mt. Gambier 1934 Listed in Century of Banking
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;

1950 photo and article by E.H. Gordon, the local manager in Current Accounts Issue No. 1 December 1950

1975 Listed in Annual Report.
North Adelaide 1976 opened (from Current Accounts July 1976)
Norwood 1975 opened (from Current Accounts July 1975)
1975 Listed in Annual Report.
Port Adelaide 1975 Listed in Annual Report.
Southern Branch,
337 King William Street
 1975 Listed in Annual Report.

1975 opened (from Current Accounts July 1975 and pictured in Current Accounts);
1975 Listed in Annual Report.
1975 streetscape from State Library of SA.

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