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35 Pitt Street



1960s FILE: 036\036520   TITLE: Paul Buildings   ADDRESS: 33-35 Pitt Street.
DESCRIPTION  View looking NW along Pitt Street from corner of Underwood Street showing Pauls Buildings with signs for 'Patrick Travel Service' & 'CBC Savings Bank'. Cars, pedestrians and bus also visible.
DATE c1960 FORMAT B&W print RECORD SERIES Sydney Reference Collection CITATION: SRC10118 PROVENANCE: City of Sydney Archives

1972 Manager Colin Boomer, Accountant David M M Jobson. 1973 David went to St Leonards Centre Operations.

1977 listed in Annual Report
1977 photo by David Jobson with his sons Keith and Luke in foreground. 2008 Keith is a manager in Computer Ops at NAB Knox Melbourne
1981 September Branch Managers List - Sub Branch of Royal Exchange 58 Pitt St

1980s-1993 had been Lloyds Bank NZA on right side of ground level with Administration departments on upper floors. 

2006 photo as NAB by John Ness;

2008 NAB branch on ground floor, with Smith Family offices on upper floors. Photo by John Beer.

105 Pitt Street

See Stock Exchange branch listing.

Reg Waite of CAGA had a Kwik Kopy franchise in the lower ground floor at one time. Enlargement also shows NBA on corner.

2008 photo of site by John Beer.

Pitt & Bathurst Streets



Operating in 1892;

Early photo courtesy K Meyer, taken by his father-in-law, Charles Wiseheart, ex Mgr Nowra.

Other old photo from Current Accounts Jan 1969.

1934 Listed in Century of Banking

Early History of Pitt & Bathurst Streets by A.D. Moore who joined in 1892 supplied by David Jobson.

Bill Frost advises: The old building was reputed to have had a ballet school and a brothel operating on the upper floors. Some interesting sounds would have emerged.

1957 Last day of operations in the old building was 12th October (from Current Accounts January 1959).


1977 listed in Annual Report

1977 colour photo by David Jobson


1970s slide photo by Ed de Ridder (his second branch).



1990 list of Managers and premises from 1885 - 1990
and list of Assistant Managers 1916 - 1986 provided by David Jobson, who says: "
Ah, the old Pitt&B. I was general hand hand here in '69 - 70. Manager was Alec Mawson, Accountant Toby Haywood. A very busy branch in those days with the Board of Fire Commissioners accounts, a couple of agencies and a stack of overseas work. 
 I remember the cash counts used to take half a day to complete. We would all traipse downstairs into the bowels of the branch and sit at long tables with great stacks of notes to count. I think sometimes we had around the $3m amount in notes to count."



2006 photo of site where branch was, by John Ness


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