representing Officers and families of
The Commercial Banking Company of Sydney Limited
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City I - K

Kent & Druitt Streets
443-451 Kent Street

CAGA offices were at this address until erection (on the site previously occupied by The Metropole Hotel) of the 40 level CAGA Centre building bounded by Bent, Phillip and Young Streets (from Current Accounts January 1976 first four pages) .

1960 A. Gittings appointed Manager, Kent & Druitt Sts (from Current Accounts January 1961 Pg 34).
1977 listed in Annual Report

2009 GoogleEarth photo of the corner of Kent & Druitt Streets.

King Street, Sydney Opened 1889 (82nd Report); operating in 1892
King's Cross,
54 Darlinghurst Road



1958 views of Kings Cross premises from Darlinghurst Road and Kellett Street from the 1958 Annual Report which quotes "The Bank's new building in this densely populated centre provides access to a bright modern banking chamber from two thoroughfares.  The building also incorporates a lecture hall and facilities for our training school, and a residential flat for officers in transit."

1975 Listed in Annual Report.

2007 February John Beer advised that 54 Darlinghurst Road is currently the Curve, a new weekly Friday night at Mandalay Room in King's Cross incorporates some of Sydney's best DJs and live musicians to bring you something dynamic and exciting. Low priced drinks, a friendly vibe and a great venue.

2010 March Google photos sourced by John Beer. First is the front of the site, and then 30 Kellett Street, being the rear of the site.

2010 March photos by Kevin Greenaway of the exterior and interior as the site is now as a nightclub.


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