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receiving office of Windsor
 1970 listed in Annual Report as Receiving Office of Windsor, B.C. Smith Manager.
Reid Street


Wilcannia is 965km west of Sydney.
1835 named Mount Murchison
1866 proclaimed the town of Wilcannia
It was the third largest inland shipping port in Australia.
1867 Opened (39th Report);
1869 closed (43rd Report);
1887 218 steamers and their large barges unloaded stores or loaded wool and other products on the bustling waterfront.
1874 Opened (53rd Report);
1893 listed in 89th Report January;
1900s Manager Mr Gibson (Allan Weigel advised Geoff Chapman that the father of R (Bob) Gibson, who was Manager Narromine branch in the 1960's, among others, was at one time Manager of Wilcannia branch)
1934 Listed in Century of Banking.
1942 Feb Bill Frost went there until April when the branch closed as a rationalisation of banking war measure and not reopened. Wilcannia branch was located about half-way in what was then the business area diagonally across from a one storey hotel (Goonery's in 1942).  It was a sandstone block building consisting of banking chamber and managers office. There was a square steel awning on the front with the Bank's name painted in fairly large letters hereon.
Bill Frost recalls that a door led to a four roomed residence where the Manager, Lyn Armour, slept as did his predecessor.
He stayed at Mrs Byrnes boarding house also in the main drag. It was quire well run and accommodated quite a few boarders.

The Bank of NSW were in a two storied building further down the street and had been built by another bank which probably had been absorbed by the Wales (It could have been the ABC)
Bill Frost says he had the doubtful honour of being the staff. L T Armour was the manager. After closing we set off for Cobar in his Hillman Minx and believe it or not we made it. No bitumen in those days mostly formed sand. Some time ago I sent black and white photos of a lot of country branches to Alan Pitt for the Archives and Wilcannia was among them.
1982 When Bill passed through Wilcannia the building was still standing looking much like it did but the Bank's name had been painted out. 
Ex-Wilcannia branch identified by Bill Frost.
2008 GoogleEarth photo. Bill Frost comments: The building originally had a verandah type roof, on posts, over the footpath.
Willow Tree
1912 Branch opened (according to the Abtract), however the correct date from Circulars is 29 July 1914. 

1920 New premises erected for 4,500 pounds.

1934 Listed in Century of Banking

2006 This is a recent photo of the CBC building at Willow Tree, on the corner of Henry Street and New England Highway, by Frank Maundrell.

2018 June David Jobson obtained the following from Helen Cadzow, Historical Services Manager, nab:
Managerís List.
1914 - 1915  A.F. Kemp
1915 - 1916  J.O Davies
1916 - 1925  N.B. Hunt
1925 - 1930  H.C. Pepper
1930 - 1937  E.S. Flower
1937 - 1943  Henry Scott
1943 - 1952  P.W. McIntyre
1952 - 1957 A.J. Phillips
1957 - 1959  K.J.B.Prowse
1959 - 1962  E.R. Williams
1962 - 1965 D.L. Pollard

cnr Kable & George Sts



1841 Agency established.
1845 Notice which appeared in the Maitland Mercury of 19 April:
The Chairman and Directors of the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney beg to repeat their Notice of 4th April 1844, viz:-
"That the branches of this Bank established at Maitland, Windsor and Goulburn, were discontinued on and after the 31st March then next preceding" and that they further give notice, that this Bank will not be responsible for any monies which are not received at the Banking House, George Street, Sydney
L Duguid  Managing Director  4/4/1845

Geoff Chapman states: I do not know what to make of Notices appearing 12 months apart It looks like they night have given 12 months notice of closure of the Branches.
1845 April 5 Sydney Herald wrote:- "Commercial of Sydney had to advertise that it had closed Maitland Windsor & Goulburn branches - apparently residents were being defrauded by fictitious agencies" explains why 1844 notice re-appeared in 1845. See Foundations of the Australian Monetary System Pg 371.

1874 opened (53rd Report);
1880 Building erected.
1893 January Listed in 89th Report;
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;

1974 Centenary picture in Current Accounts July 1975,
1981 colour photo from Annual Report

2017 October Frank Maundrell
attached a couple of photos of the historic Windsor Branch, which he took last year, including one close up from the foot of the iron column bearing the manufacturer's name.
43 Isabella Street



1880 September 7 opened (65th Report) in temporary premises in Bent St ;
1881 March 15 branch moved to cottage in Bent Street
1882 August premises purchased from Thomas Brown in Isabella St
1885 building erected at cost of 2,695 pounds

1893 January Listed in 89th Report;
1934 Listed in Century of Banking.

1980 December Current Accounts Pg 23 contained above information on initial branch locations

2006 Photo by Geoff Chapman.

2017 photos supplied by Frank Maundrell from his trip there in August including residence section of the building and plaque commemorating opening in 1880.
Winton 1926-06-30 branches established at Kurri Kurri Mandurama Tullibigeal Waverley (Bondi Junction) Winton & Weethalle (from Report)
147 Crown Street



Opened 1859 (22nd Report);
1879 Wollongong Argus:- "elegant & commodious building erected Crown St Wollongong"
1880-90 photo courtesy Wollongong City Library.
1893 January Listed in 89th Report;

1929 photo from Current Accounts Sept 1982

1934 Listed in Century of Banking.

1961 premises no longer able to handle volume of business demolished & replaced with modern building
1962 July01 CA Pg 36 photo of staff including R G Young, R N Reeves, R G Robson, A C Steele Mgr,

1981 photo and article in Current Accounts Sept 1982
Photo by Ron Armstrong.

2011 December31 Google NAB Locations Search for WOLLONGONG showed the only NAB branch in Wollongong to be 147 Crown St which is the original CBCofS branch which means Ex-NBA branch at 205 Crown St to where Ex-CBC Western Branch Wollongong was unified to no longer exists & this is confirmed with Google Maps view of 205 Crown St to where Ex-CBC Western Branch Wollongong was unified to so it is assumed from this that ex-CBC Western branch Wollongong business in 2012 is at Ex-CBC Wollongong 147 Crown St.

Western branch
270 Crown Street

Colin F Leeson
1962 Mgr Robson (1963 January Current Accounts Pg 12)
1977 listed in Annual Report
1987 0202 unified to 205 Crown St WOLLONGONG Ex NBA branch
2008 December GoogleMaps photo sourced by John Beer.  Now Hostage X nightclub.
2011 December31 Google NAB Locations Search for WOLLONGONG showed the only NAB branch in Wollongong to be 147 Crown St which is the original CBCofS branch which means Ex-NBA branch at 205 Crown St to where Ex-CBC Western Branch Wollongong was unified to no longer exists & this is confirmed with Google Maps view of 205 Crown St to where Ex-CBC Western Branch Wollongong was unified to so it is assumed from this that ex-CBC Western branch Wollongong business in 2012 is at Ex-CBC Wollongong 147 Crown St.
Woodburn Opened 1880 (64th Report);
1893 January Listed in 89th Report;
closed 1893 (91st Report).
McPherson Street







> 1952







1932 October 24 CBC first opened in Woodenbong in premises occupied by Mr. S.W. Reid, Auctioneer, in Unumgar Street. November 5 Mr. H.A. Oliver was appointed manager.

1932 November CBC moved into premises in the building formerly occupied by Mr. L. Kirkmaster when he first went into the grocery business.

1933 H. Oliver was unable to to persuade either bank management or a private individual to erect a new building, so he purchased land for £45 and erected a building at a cost of £650.  He rented the premises to the bank for 13 years before selling out to the Bank.

1933 Mr. H.K. Knox was appointed manager.

1934 Listed in Century of Banking

1937 Mr. C.W. McLaren manager through the war years.

NAB photo 11/05 by Geoff Chapman
Ian S Watts stated in 2005 : "Woodenbong, my second managerial  Branch, was built by the then Branch Manager for six hundred pounds. If I remember correctly, he built it because the Bank would not, and he felt the future prospects of the Branch were good. Oddly this was my second visit to Woodenbong, as I was the Junior on the staff when I was called up by the RAAF for war service in May, 1943.  When my family and I arrived the next time, the residence was in a very poor state. Following representations and a visit by the Bank architect, major renovations were carried out. Although isolated, Woodenbong is situated in breathtaking mountain scenery. The one drawback, winding hilly roads, whichever way you travelled.

2008 - photocopies of all the black & white photos at left, together with the following article from a book produced by the School were provided by Ray Smith.
The first permanent bank in Woodenbong opened on October 24,1932, in premises occupied by Mr. S. W. Reid, auctioneer, in Unumgar Street. This was the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney. Prior to this, a biweekly agency had been conducted in Woodenbong by the Queensland National Bank, Urbenville Branch. It seems that the Bank of New South Wales had intended to open a branch in Woodenbong but was beaten to the punch by the C.B.C. by just one week. As a result, the Bank of New South Wales cancelled its planned opening.
A month after opening its branch in Mr. Reid's office, the C.B.C. moved into new premises. These were in the building formerly occupied by Mr. L. Kirkmaster when he first went into the grocery business, prior to purchasing Mr. Sketchley's old store. On November 5, 1932, Mr. H. A. Oliver was appointed as Woodenbong's first permanent bank manager. He was unhappy with the banks premises, which he considered totally unsuitable for banking purposes. However, no other more suitable premises were available in the village and Mr. Oliver was unable to persuade either the C.B.C. management or a private individual to erect a new building. As a consequence, he decided to build one himself. The result was the bank building currently occupied by the National Australia Bank in McPherson Street, directly opposite the site of the former bank in Mr. Kirkmaster's old store.
Mr. Oliver purchased the land for the new bank for 45 pounds and erected the building, containing a main office, manager's office, lounge, dining room, breakfast room, three bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, laundry and garage, at a cost of 650 pounds. In more recent years, the original building has been extended. Mr. Oliver rented the premises to the bank for thirteen years before finally selling out to them. Despite his significant contribution to the village, Mr. Oliver remained as bank manager in Woodenbong for just one year. In 1933 he was succeeded by Mr. H. K. Knox, who served till 1937, and then Mr. C. W. McLaren, who held the position through the war years.
Mr. Oliver later wrote of his days in Woodenbong in the early 1930's. At the time, the village population was just one hundred and twenty.

"It was an adventure to take out a car. Cars then bogged in the track in front of the bank (McPherson Street), so I bought a horse, saddle and bridle and searched out business on horseback. I think Woodenbong would be the last N.S.W. branch to draw forage allowance."

There are two photos of the 1932 branch in McPherson Street, the first of the actual branch with Reg Shane (Teller) and Mr. Olvier (Manager) in front of the old bank in Kirkmaster's ex store and the second of the street with the branch visible at far left.
Next photo is of the Hotel Woodenbong before the fire, followed by photo of extensions being carried out to the bank in 1952 then a photo of the bank after the renovations.
Lindsay Lodge Guest House, the last of the black & white photos, is where all Bank staff lived, including Ken Ryan, Max Vardy and Bill Wardell amongst others.
The bank was largely unchanged when Geoff Chapman took his colour photo in 2005.

2018 May article forwarded by John Beer:
Bank explains why it's closing this Northern Rivers branch  by Susanna Freymark 23rd May 2018 4:28 PM | Updated: 24th May 2018 1:00 PM

UPDATE, Thursday 1pm: NAB has responded to residents' concerns about the closure of the Woodenbong branch.

A spokesperson for the bank said: "In Woodenbong, the way our customers are banking has changed dramatically over time.

"Almost 82 per cent of our customers who do their banking at Woodenbong also use other branches including Kyogle.

"Branches will play an important role in banking for many years to come, but with customers changing how they are banking, we will be closing NAB's branch in Woodenbong on May 30, 2018 .

"NAB customers are still able to do their banking in person using Bank@Post services at their local post office."

Original story: At the end of this month, the National Australia Bank branch at Woodenbong will close.

From May 30, residents will have to travel to alternates branches.

That's 60km to the Kyogle branch or 70km to Beaudesert across the border.

Woodenbong correspondent Joyce Marsh said it would be a dark day when the NAB closed, leaving the Woodenbong area without any bank.

"For dinosaurs like me who have grown so used to the staff who were not only problem solvers, with great patience and understanding, but they unfailingly led us through the intricate changes in banking, making sure we fully comprehended the procedures," Ms Marsh said.

"They have always willingly extended personal friendship to us. Gone are the days of first name basis."

NAB was contacted five days ago for a statement but none was forthcoming.

Woodenbong Post Office banking facilities will continue to be available.






Opened 1907 (118th Report); Opened 12/01/1907 and first located at residence of A.H.A.Tucker and then in cottage of a Mrs Marshall.
Branch opened 12 January 1907 by Cowra manager, Mr Dunlop. J.N. Roxburgh took over on 11 February 1907 for a few days, then A.S.Baylis was acting manager. H.S.D.Hay took charge about 5 April, 1907.
1910 land purchased cnr Parkes and Noyeau Streets at cost of 550 pounds.
1911 listed in 125th Report.
1912 July photo submitted by  David Jobson.1912 premises (current building) erected at cost of 4,000 pounds.
1963 b&w photo by Kevin Greenaway.
1970 December 7 Branch converted to a Receiving Office of Cowra branch.
1977 March 28 Branch closed.
1977 listed in Annual Report as receiving office of Cowra.

1999 colour photo by David Jobson.

2007 March photo provided by David James.

2015 photo from Roy Bloomfield who says "
Woodstock Branch as it is today.  It hasn't changed since I was working there in 1956".

Manager's List
1907/20 H.S.D.Hay
1920/35 J.L.S.Robertson
1935/41 R.E.H.Turner
1941/47 W.A.Brown
1947/51 B.T.Ryan
1951/56 O.L. Deall
1956/60 K.V.Cooper
1960/61 J.A.Burt
1961/64 C.E.C.Shaw
1964/67 C.J.Turner
1967/70 F.L.Durie

Woy Woy
40 Blackwell Road
2010 February NAB Woy Woy sourced by John Beer.

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