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See also South Wagga Wagga.


1977 restored by Laurie & Heath using Mansfield's plans from 1881.

Photo in Current Accounts Sep 1982

2005 Sept. photo by John Roberts


2008 in Wikipedia

225 Baylis 2009

1863 branch opened (30th Report);
Statement of Significance – Commercial Bank Fly Screen
Brown fly screen fixed inside a brown varnished wooden frame. ‘The Commercial Banking Company of Sydney Limited’ is painted on the screen in gold lettering. This was part of the original bank building exterior. The Commercial Banking Company of Sydney opened a branch in Wagga in 1863 in Kincaid Street, but this bank was soon closed owing to the fear of an attack by bushrangers. 

1874 opened (52nd Report);
On 20 March 1874 the branch was reopened in premises leased from Mr. Ebenezer Shaw in Gurwood Street. During the 1880s the bank moved to its present site on Fitzmaurice Street. The existing building commenced in 1882 with Mansfield Brothers Architects, at a total cost of £6,030 with Mr. Charles Hardy the successful tenderer (for construction).
When built, the size of the building was considered by some to be daunting. Some of the complaints tendered to Head Office by the first Branch Manager, Mr. Gowlland included: The size of the building will tax our present or any other two servants inside the house to the utmost  … there is the large colonnade and balcony to be kept clean, 29 windows, the majority of which are 12' high, impossible for a woman to clean. Wood to suit the kitchen range and stoves requires to be cut exceedingly small.  (Letter, 23 May 1882)

1893 January Listed in 89th Report;
1925 photo from NAB archives.
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;
1937 The building was remodelled at a total cost of £2,800. 
1976 the building was reconstructed, but the original façade was retained, so as to maintain the original external appearance as it was constructed in 1882. 
  (c) Wagga Wagga City Council
Note from John Roberts:

As you are probably aware the architect Mansfield Brothers designed this branch (Wagga Wagga Branch was built in 1881) , however, while I was Manager at Wagga Wagga the bank (with the Bank’s then architect Laurie and Heath Pty Ltd.,) had the interior stripped and made into a more modern banking chamber and the upper floor became CAGA’s local office.
The exterior had been “updated” many years before and it looked pretty dreadful, however, Laurie and Heath Pty Ltd., arranged for the contractors FM Constructions Pty Ltd of Kirrawee to restore the exterior to it’s original appearance, as near as possible.
While the original building was constructed by a local builder, Charles Hardy and Company for 6,030 pounds, the cost of reconstruction was
A copy of Mansfield Brothers original plans for the building are hung on the western inside wall of the banking chamber for all to see.
My predecessor not only lived on the premises but he “died in the chair”!I was then Manager at Cooma Branch when appointed Manager Wagga Wagga branch in 1977 and the Bank asked me to purchase a home for ourselves and future Managers, so we did not have to live on the premises, however, as you are no doubt aware the NAB had different policies to the CBC and eventually offered the house to my successor for an agreed value.

CBC Bank (former), Fitzmaurice St, Wagga Wagga, NSW
List: Register of the National Estate
Class: Historic     Statement of Significance:
The former CBC Bank has historical importance for reflecting Wagga`s development in the late nineteenth century, and it also shows the prominent place of banks in country centres generally. (Criteria A.4 and B.2)
The building is architecturally significant for its fine Victorian Free Classical design, and it is a good example of the sort of bank design used by architects, Mansfield Brothers, who created a number of bank premises in New South Wales rural centres. (Criteria F.1 and D.2)
Two storey Classically designed and sited on the crest of a hill, the bank is a vital streetscape element in this civic centre of Wagga. It and the neighbouring former post office, being of the same style and size, complement each other very well. (Criterion E.1)
Official Values: Not Available
Built in 1882, the former CBC Bank (now National Australia Bank) building in Fitzmaurice Street has historical and architectural importance. It is a reflection of Wagga`s development in the late nineteenth century when the town was growing as an agricultural centre, and it clearly shows the prominent place of banks in country town streetscapes. It illustrates many of the characteristics of Victorian Free Classical architecture, and was probably designed by Mansfield Brothers and bears strong similarities with other Mansfield banks (eg, Cootamundra, Narrandera, and also Forbes, Tumut and Adelong). Sited on the crest of a hill, the bank is a vital element in the streetscape of the civic centre of Wagga and it complements well the adjacent former post office which is built in the same style and is of similar proportions (the bank, post office and courthouse are also separately registered as a group). Built of stuccoed brick, the bank is two storey, with the banking chamber on the ground floor and the residence above. The ground floor facade`s main feature is an arcade with three arches either side of a central entrance arch which is rusticated. The arches have impost and keystone decoration and label moulding; columns with square bases (with cornices) support the arches. Behind the arcade the main front wall is rusticated and the round headed windows have prominent sills which are supported by brackets. On the upper floor is a verandah with columns grouped in threes at the corners; a patterned cast iron balustrade runs along the verandah. In the verandah`s centre, above the entrance arch, is a pediment supported on paired pilasters. There is a dentil course just below the verandah roof and another on the eaves of the main roof. The eaves are supported by paired brackets. Slate clads the hipped roof, and symmetrically placed at either end of the roof are chimneys with cornices. The upper floor windows are French and have shutters.
History: Not Available
Condition and Integrity:
In 1977 the 1930s facade and arcade infill was removed, restoring the original arcade. The interior of the bank has been altered. In 1984 the National Australia Bank took over the premises. (December 1992)
Fitzmaurice Street, Wagga Wagga.
Information from the National Trust of Australia (New South Wales).
Apperly, Richard et al., "A Pictorial Guide to Identifying Australian
Architecture", Sydney 1989.   Article supplied by Genevieve Mott, Museum of the Riverina.

2008 May photo from Wikipedia by Bidgee. Former CBC Bank, Wagga Wagga (Built 1882) Currently the National Australia Bank (NAB) Wagga Wagga branch which closed in July 2008 after 126 years operating as a bank building.  John Beer comments "Some people are sad a branch is not now conducted in a building of such magnificent colonial design after 125 years of continuous use as a bank - only an ATM left at the site. The only other known building of identical design was at Bourke which had to be pulled down after hose left on to cellar area caused irrepairable damage to the foundations."

2008 Nov 23 nab locations search revealed:-225 Baylis St Business Banking Centre, Financial Planner, Financial Services Centre
2009 GoogleMaps photo of Business Banking Centre at 225 Baylis Street. 225 Baylis St nab BBC to where Fitzmaurice St Wagga business was transferred to after 126 years next to PO Wagga Fitzmaurice St the CBC building.  225 Baylis St has CBA on top, nab below, then also nab to the left


Fitroy St now McHatton Park

Fitzroy & Meridian Sts

45N Derby St
51 Oxley Highway


1st branch


2nd branch in 1960s

2nd branch as club






3rd branch









Walcha is 563km NNW from Sydney
1067m above sea level (highest point 1493m The Flags)
1873 June 16 first branch opened in Fitzroy Street (50th Report).
1873 June 16 Fitroy St site is in 2001 known as McHatton Park
1873 John Johnston was first Manager who came from Maitland
1873 Mr J C Glass assisted with opening Walcha branch
“Tour Our Historic Buildings of Walcha” pamphlet states:-
“McHatton Park:- Walcha Cottage Bank (Commercial Bank of Sydney) also shared this site. This building was a ‘miserable structure, unsuited to the climate and built on low damp land’.
2007 November John Beer supplied a photograph of Fitzroy Street where first Walcha CBC building was, now McHatton Park - very wet.


1876-1877 Alexander Mitchell constructed the 2nd Walcha branch of CBCofS.
1877 CBCofS relocated to Fitzroy & Meridian Sts after floods.
1877 Fitzroy & Meridian Sts area was where other businesses moved to higher ground to escape floods
1960s photo showing some colour from John Beer including Walcha CBCofS 2nd building Fitzroy St further west which became Ex Services Club after 1909 erection of CBCofS building occupied by NAB 2007
John Beer says he has seen in a pamphlet: At Fitzroy and Meridian is the ex-serviceman's club, an unsympathetic extension of the 1876 Bank building (colour photo at left showing extensions in pamphlet).

1893 January Listed in 89th Report
1909 45N Derby St
1909 land Derby & Apsley Sts purchased for $1600
1909 November erection of 3rd Walcha branch at cost of $7,400
B&w photos from historical records.
1909 is shown on an internet site as the date the current branch premises in Derby Street opposite Australia Post were built. 1990 or later Fitzroy & Meridian Sts site became the Ex-Services Memorial Club.

1892 W H B Piddington became Manager
1894 C E Maltby became Manager
1911 P C C Mackay Manager CBCofS Walcha
1925 Max Solling Manager
1934 Listed in Century of Banking.
1935 R D Morgan Manager
1938 L H Hawken Manager
1945 Robert T BRYEN Robert was Walcha Manager (in 1959 R T Bryen was Manager Tamworth. His son Charles R Bryen was part of Patterson Byfield & Bryen, Solicitors, Walcha and Tamworth. CR Bryen passed away 2006).
1946 I H Scott Manager
1952 D L Harris Manager
1961 Alec J Richardson Manager
1966 Paul T Brown Manager
1970 John T Malone Manager from Maitland
1973 V Max Gillogly Manager (passed away whilst Manager Walcha)
1977 E Ian R Bezer Manager

1950 February Mr A S Nivison of "Mirani" Walcha pioneered aerial agriculture in Australia which changed a region into one of the richest and increased stock population more than fourfold.

1960s view of Walcha from John Beer's mother's home including CBC with snow on the roof.

Photo from John Beer's mum's house facing east includes CBC building which is the largest brick building more than one storey. So it is a photo of the western side of CBCofS building, mainly of residence and garage whose door faces north. Brick building on right of CBCofS is Walcha Council.
Photo of Walcha main street in the 1960s showing first building on RHS is CBC built 1909 and first building LHS is Post Office.


1979 April Current Accounts:- Sketch by James Levingston from Patterson Byfield & Bryen Walcha Solicitors
1979 Walcha :-

Population 1665 with 3737 in district
rainfall varies from 780mm to 1125mm per annum,
1979 3rd largest stock carrying area in NSW
1979 Walcha district :-
1. holds one-sixtieth of NSW's sheep
2. is 4th greatest wool producer in NSW
3. cut per sheep averages 4.31 kg, heaviest in New England district
4. 2nd largest producer of cattle in New England region
5. 3rd largest producer of cattle in NSW

1983 photo by Garry Stewart, who says "I was Accountant at that Branch between August 1972 and April 1974 with John Malone and Max Gillogly, before he passed away".

2009 GoogleMaps photo sourced by John Beer;
2011 GoogleMaps photo sourced by John Beer.

2017 photo on sourcvd by Geoff Chapman.  John Beer added these comments: This was 3rd building occupied by CBCofS Bank Walcha.
1st building was on swampy ground now a park
2nd building was Mansfield design now Walcha ExServices Club
3rd building was erected 1909 opposite Walcha Post Office which was opposite Erratts General Store

64 Fox Street





1876 Opened (56th Report);
1893 January Listed in 89th Report;
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;

1976 photo of centenary celebrations

(Current Accounts Jan 1977).

2007 May: Phil Reeves reports " I have just come back from Walgett and the old branch has been burned to the ground.  John Simpson was the Manager when I was there."

2008 Google photos from John Beer showing CBC strongroom and NAB next door on the corner.

2011 October John Munro advised: "I am attaching a few pix of exCBC buildings I found on a recent visit to Lightning Ridge through Walgett. Walgett is the only one still operating as a Bank."

2015 November John Beer advised that Melissa Reynolds, NAB Executive General Manager Retail, says the bank is now able to remain open after the landlord committed to address structural concern with the building through repairs.


Walla Walla

1908 Opened (121st Report);
Believed by John Beer to be designed by Architect Mr Laver who also designed CBCofS buildings including Ariah Park, Coolamon, Corowa, Lake Cargelligo, Stockinbingal, Temora, BNSW West Wyalong.  Buildings of similar design include Barmedman,1st CBCofS building in Canowindra before CBD moved more than 100 metres south, Harden, West Wyalong,

1911 listed in 125th Report;
1934 Listed in Century of Banking

1995 photo
taken where I finished my banking career as a relieving manager. On that day I opened and closed the doors and made the girls morning tea, just like I did when I was a junior!  Just for old times sake." David Jobson, who relieved the Manager at Walla Walla and retired from nab on completion of his relief.

1996-07-19 NAB Walla Walla Service Centre was unified with NAB Lavington branch.
1998-11-18 NAB Walla Walla branch became service centre of Culcairn branch and the building became occupied by a branch of Hume Building Society

2008 Walla Walla branch building as at 7 July photos by David Jobson. There is one picture already on the website that I took when the day I finished up as a Relieving Manager there in 1995. These will complete the picture of the whole building.
The building was originally The Commercial Banking Co of Sydney, became NAB at merger until they closed it in about 1997. Then became Hume Building Society for a while and is now used occasionally as an office for a Memorial Stonemasons firm.

2016 July John L. Graetz advised: It was claimed the CBCofS building became occupied by Hume Building Society for a while but John Graetz states Hume Building Society did not ever operate in Walla Walla.  Rather, the Albury Murray Credit Union opened a branch, and subsequently it merged with WAW Credit Union. The Culcairn Shire Council initiated the construction of a Rural Transaction Centre (RTC) for the town and the building was officially opened in 2004. At that time WAW Credit Union occupied part of that building. I was Deputy Mayor of the Culcairn Shire Council at the time of the commencement of the building of the RTC and assisted at the official opening of the new building.

Main Street





1880 Opened (64th Report);
Pictured in Current Accounts July 1974
This branch was built adjacent to the Post Office and opened in 1882.

1887 closed (79th Report);
1889 Opened (82nd Report);
1893 listed in 89th Report January;
1910 Manager A M Oxley  (1910-09-06 Robertson Advocate aadvised death of Mrs Harriet Jane Oxley age 79 of Moss Vale who 1854 married John Norton Oxley son of Lietenant Oxley RN 1st NSW Surveyor General. H J Oxley leaves 3 sons   Lieutenant Oxley RN retired, F N Oxley Shire Engineer Wagga, A M Oxley Mgr Commercial Bank Wallerawang & 4 daughters   Mrs E E Row Commercial Bank Moss Vale,  Mrs Blomfield Commercial Bank Candelo). Provided by John Beer.
1911 listed in 125th Report;
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;
1937 converted to Receiving Office of Lithgow. 
This branch closed and reopened a number of times before finally closing in the late 1950's then becoming an agency conducted from Lithgow branch. Notes from Geoff Chapman.

1977 Listed in Annual Report
1985 May 16 Closure of agency from Lithgow.

2015 April Geoff Chapman advised:  Google Earth images of CBC Wallerawang branch then later agency premises. 

The bank opened in 1880 on what appeared to be a cottage and built premises in 1882, next to the Post Office which this building is and it is of that vintage.  It would in probability be that built in 1882.
Verification provided by Bill Morelli and Stephen Farrow.  Bill attended the Agency while on the relieving staff in the 1960’s and Stephen when he was on Lithgow branch staff in the 1970’s


Cnr Hope & Stephen Sts


1885 opened (74th Report);
1893 January Listed in 89th Report;
1934 Listed in Century of Banking.

2005 photo by Harold Wood, no longer NAB.

Lot 1 Hope Street National Bank is Heritage Listed.

2010 photos by Frank Maundrell, who advises: "now occupied by New England Mutual Credit Union.  I have enclosed one shot that shows the old Residence entrance."
Warilla Grove,
Warilla (branch agency of Wollongong, 147 Crown Street)
 1977 listed in Annual Report as a branch with a receiving office at Oak Flats..
Listed on yellow CBC Branch Managers List Sep 1981

Geoff Chapman advises that Alan Pitt was the first manager and Mick King the second officer.

Dubbo Street








1874 opened (53rd Report);
1893 January Listed in 89th Report;
1916 photo from "Across the Black Soil Plain" by R.M. Brennan.
1934 Listed in Century of Banking.

1930s era photo taken by John Woolley submitted by daughter Jane in March 2013.
1938 photo submitted by Jane Reardon who advised in November 2012 "my father, John Woolley, has written ‘about 1938?’ and recorded the names as being: IC Woolley (accountant), Vic Furze (manager), Ron Flashman (junior) – killed airforce, Ian Iverach (teller)."  

1960 slide photo by Bill Morelli.

1966/7 Allen Weigel, Manager of the Branch in the 1960's advised Geoff Chapman that the Branch depicted in Bill Morelli's 1960 'photo was demolished in 1966/67 This was due to movement of the outer walls of the building

2013 March received a photo of the later branch.

2013 April Ian Gray advised "Just sitting in my office on a wet Saturday morning organising some photos when I came across some early photos that l took with a borrowed camera (because I could not afford one then) back in the early 1960s of the old CBC Branch and residence in Dubbo Street Warren NSW and thought they may be of interest for the newsletter. Obviously I was not much of a photographer in those days, cutting out part of the newly built 1960's Branch, but this Branch was a major player in the old days when this Country "lived off the sheep's back" and many of the major studs (such as "Haddon Rig" etc.) dotted the surrounding areas. A few of the Bank's future executive as well as many Officers also trod the steps of the old building and may like the memories.  The old building, with the exception of the attached residence was torn down around 1964 (l worked there from July 1963 to September 1967 as teller/general hand) due to subsidence in the foundations and cracking of the walls and the new building, which is still there today, but not occupied by the Bank was constructed on deep concrete foundations so as to eliminate future cracking."  Ian has supplied the black & white photos from 1960 of the old branch before and 1964 during demolition.  Also received a colour photo of the later branch
2014 August Ian Gray supplied details from this book While researching information about his wife's pioneering family that arrived in this Country in 1828 and progressively moved from Sydney through towns of Bathurst, Orange, Dubbo, Nevertire and Warren in which they conducted businesses and owned large tracts of land I came across a not very well known book of the Warren NSW area titled "Across The Black Soil Plains —A History of THE WARREN DISTRICT". The book is the Copyright of R.(Roland) M. Brennan. 1972, a customer of the CBC Bank Warren when he was there in the early 1960's.

Pages 89-90:
Commercial Banking Company of Sydney
For many years the pioneers living along the Macquarie and Bogan Rivers had to ride to Dubbo when they wanted a little extra finance. In 1874 the directors of the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney embarked on a policy of taking the bank to the people.
About July, 1874 a branch was opened in Warren (also in Canonba) under the control of W. S. Burt. This is the only bank which has given continuous service to its customers to the present day. For about eleven or twelve years they traded in rented premises in Dubbo Street but about 1886 the first of many buildings was erected on the Dubbo/Burton Street corner. This bank and the manager's residence were destroyed in the fire of 1899. The buildings were said to have cost £2,715.
When the fire started, the accountant was resting in his room at the Club House Hotel, clad only in trousers, singlet and slippers. He rushed over to the bank, his first thought being to get the valuable ledgers out before the fire reached the building. To him went most of the credit for removing and saving the documents and taking them to the Manse in Burton Street where the banking business was carried on until the new building was completed. All the contents of the strong room survived the fire.
The Warren Herald of July, 1900, reported that the contractor Mr. Watt would have the building ready for occupation in a few days. "The Bank counter was a piece of choice cedar and Mr. Bromley had fitted electric bells to all rooms. "The building did not prove very substantial for the walls began to crack within five years (it was built on the old foundations) and iron bars and S plates were used to hold it together.
About 1915 the whole building was demolished and the third structure arose on the corner, but there appeared to be continual trouble with foundations. In 1919 and again in 1926 repairs and renovations were necessary and in 1927 more additions were made to the business premises and a new residence erected.
In 1936/37 more new work was added to the old building but trouble continued until 1962 when an attempt was made to pull the building together by tying it to the strong room, but this was only partly successful. In 1965 all except the strong room was removed and the present building, the fourth, opened on July, 1966, was built on exceptionally good foundations.
The Australian Joint Stock Bank
This bank opened a branch in Warren about the same time as the Bank of New South Wales in 1890. In 1893 when all business was in a very depressed state and many banks were in trouble the local branch closed.
The Warren Hospital had only recently opened an account and the committee found themselves with £300 tied up in the bank and only £6 in cash on hand. All the bank's customers had no access to their money. This branch never re-opened.
Government Savings Bank of New South Wales
This bank opened an agency in the post office in 1882. It was a valuable institution which enabled people to earn interest on their money and still be able to draw when required. In Jack Lang's day this business was taken over by the Commonwealth Savings Bank and carries on to the present day.
Bank of New South Wales
The Wales opened on the 11th June, 1890, in premises in Dubbo Street near the Federal Theatre. The manager, William Gardiner, was depositor No. 1 and his accountant Albert James Brown was second, followed by William Walden and John Arthur Buckland.
Business was very bad after the 1902 drought. It was said the C.B.C.S. and the New South Wales Banks came to some agreement whereby one closed in one town and the other closed in the next town. Under this arrangement the Bank of New South Wales closed in Warren in 1904. In September, 1926, it re-opened in the Old Bridge Hotel premises until an imposing new structure was built on the same site in 1929.
The Commonwealth Trading Bank & The Commonwealth Savings Bank
In 1956 the above corporation bought the old Commercial Hotel building from W. Horton and converted the front portion into a banking chamber. They opened for business in October, 1956, the first manager being J. F. Warner. In 1967 the modern building in Dubbo Street opposite Pollard & Green was opened. Since then their business has continually expanded.

46 High Street
1906 opened (116th Report);
1934 Listed in Century of Banking.
2008 GoogleEarth photo identified by Geoff Chapman.  Peter Kime has confirmed that current nab as attached was CBC Branch, Wauchope
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