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85 Richmond Terrace






2008 Elders

1878 the Commercial Bank opened a branch in Coraki and in that same year the township grew considerably with the sale of a number of town blocks on which many of the grand old houses of the day along with several new shops were erected (Quote from “Northern NSW”).

1879 Opened (62nd Report);

1881 land and weatherboard buildings including the still existing stables purchased from the Yabsley family.*

1901 Present building erected;*

1911 listed in 125th Report;
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;

1940 Branch operations ceased on 31st December.

2005 photo by Geoff Chapman who says "Coraki local history book "Boomtown Battlers" mentions the Branch as having suspended operations for 1 month during the "bust" of 1897. At that time the AJS Branch closed, never to re-open. An early Manager, Mr Osborne, was mentioned in the book. From 1941 until recently the building has been utilised as a doctor's surgery and residence. *  Now undergoing transformation to a restaurant. The old strongroom is to become the wine cellar".
* From the notes of Dr P Ulrick, past owner of the property.

2007 transformed into Deja Vue seafood restaurant Northern Star 1/3/07 sent in by Alan Cook

2008 August Geoff Chapman advises: Following building restoration, and conversion to a restaurant/residence, the ex-branch premises have been advertised for sale at $695,000
Originally Built in 1902 as The Commercial Bank and Managers grand residence, it was seen as a sign of confidence in the commercial strength and prosperity of the area. Below is an extract from the book " Where the Rivers Meet" Coraki 1840 to 1915 from the year 1902.
"On the commercial side, business seemed to be very good. That was even more enhanced by the opening if the Commercial Bank's new premises. Mr R.P. Napier, resident manager felt very proud to be the occupier of such a magnificent building. It certainly was a masterpiece and one of the finest in the district. The following description bore testimony to that.
The roof with exposed beam ends was of red Marseilles tiles. These coupled with the clinker brick exterior, high gables, turned wooden verandah posts, and a distinctive shingle pattern under the entrance gable under the entrance gable gave it a grandoise appearance. French doors with eight foot long shutters at each side and rectangular fanlights over the interior doors made it the most exquisite building in the town. Inside there were pressed metal ceilings with varying patterns in every room. Four plain marble fireplaces had been selectively installed in the main rooms. To the average person, that building certainly certainly depicted a prosperous future for the area."
"Over the years that fine building has been well maintained . When the bank ceased operation in the 1940's Doctor B.C. Terrey purchased the property and converted the premises to surgery and residence. The location proved excellent for the towns doctors"
The practice changed hands a number of times until it ceased operation as a doctors surgery in 2001 and was sold to the current owners. It is currently used as a fine home, with the bank rooms used as an a la carte restaurant.
This Magnificent building, so rare on the North Coast of NSW, being only 20 minutes to the coast and the commercial hub of Lismore, 1 hour to Byron Bay and 2.5 hours to Brisbane, is now Heritage listed.
Before the current building was built, a weatherboard home built by the Yabsley family was on the site and was used by the bank from the 1880s until it was demolished to make way for the new building in 1902. Part of the original home, and the original stables, both dating from the 1870's are still in use today!
Situated in approximately 1/2 an acre, the property overlooks the Richmond River and would make a fine home, or you could continue to run a Restaurant or other commercial enterprise (subject to council approval) in the bank rooms.
Again, It is very rare to find a property of this stature and significance on the Far North Coast of NSW.
This fine property is being proudly marketed for the owners by Michael Walker of Elders Real Estate, Lismore

2009 January GoogleMaps photo sourced by John Beer.


Coramba is a prime example of where early settlements were made where there was fresh running water already available.
As water management became more elaborate, the fresh water was able to be made available on coastal areas, resulting in settlements such as Coramba moving to the coast. 

Opened 1906 (116th Report);  Opened February in a room of Martins Hotel with G B Mosman as Manager.
1911 listed in 125th Report;
1931-1938 Annual Reports list Nana Glen Rail Receiving Office.
1934 Listed in Century of Banking.
1949 Lyons Kierans first appointment was to Coramba, according to John Beer.
1956 closed Saturday 4th August with business transferred to Coffs Harbour Branch which opened on Tuesday 7/8/56, due to Monday being the Bank holiday. Manager at the time of closing was N P Goodrich. Note and photos by Geoff Chapman.
1997 photo by Ian Holston.
2009 February notes and photo from Geoff Goodrich:
My father Norm Goodrich’s first branch was Coramba, NSW in 1955. he was transferred from Inverell and his role was to close the branch and open Coffs Harbour. By this time the population of Coramba had dropped to 200 and Coffs had a population of around 5000. We spent 6 months in Coramba before moving to Coffs. I recently returned to the area to find that Coramba branch housed an accountant’s office was operating from the old manager’s residence and a credit union had recently opened in the  chambers.

94 Sanger Street
Cnr Church & Sanger Streets
157 Sanger Street



List of all Managers:

C. N. Marr

A. B. Brown

A. T. Faunce

C. C. Ryrie

T. H. Kendall

A. C. Dunlop

R. T. Bryen

L.A. Hieronymus

W. C. Highfield

L. D. H. Kerans
F. M. Cottee

E. W. Paine

E. H. Anscombe

I. Saunders

R. Kitcher

A. F. Nicol

D. M. M. Jobson

J. W. Doody

94 Sanger Street


Cnr Church & Sanger

157 Sanger St







Surveyed and laid out in 1859 as North Wahgunyah, later renamed Corowa (Wangunyah is 2Km away, on the other side of the Murray River)

1887 Opened 31st October at 94 Sanger Street (79th Report);
1893 January Listed in 89th Report;
1897 October 31 CBCofS opened at 94 Sanger St Corowa by C N Marr assisted by D J Abercrombie Manager Albury" (who supervised and audited branches in Albury area) from 1963 January Current  Accounts Page 14.

2011 Google Maps photo of location as it looks now.
1902 CBCofS leased cnr Sanger & Church Sts later occupied by NBA to where NAB unified. From 1963 January Current  Accounts Page 14.
1905 Manager, T.H.Kendall and second officer in photo.
1911 listed in 125th Report;
2006 now NAB branch.
1912 moved to purpose built premises, they still being occupied in 1962 (from Current Accounts January 1963 - see middle photo)
Corowa and Lockhart were both designed by the same bloke, E.R. Laver, architect from Cootamundra,
Corowa branch was built in 1912 for 3700 quid.

 I have a very comprehensive history of the CBC Corowa as I researched it for a local newspaper article when I was in the chair here. 
 David Jobson.

1934 Listed in Century of Banking.
1957 black & white photos by Jim Skinner
1962 photo of Corowa staff supplied by Alan Tolman showing from L to R - Alan Tolman, Eddie Paine (Manager), Joan Witherden and Tony Connelli.

1978 Colour photo of 157 Sanger Street by David Jobson and
1978 December Staff at Corowa branch.
  I haven’t got those flares any more. Sandra and her family own the local Newsagency and every now and again we have a chat about our times working together all those years ago.   
L-R  Peter Thompson, 2nd officer,  John Ebsworth, teller
       David Jobson, Manager,          Sandra Tait (now Dunn) Ledgers. 

Gold lettered gauze window sign taken 1978 by David Jobson, who comments:  Strongroom doors used to be a magnet for "in-branch graffiti" When I was appointed manager of Corowa branch in July 1978, one of the first things I was invited to do by my 2IC,Sandra, was to add my name to the list on the back of the door. The names are still there.  The building is now the town library and resource centre; not, as so many of our great buildings have become, a clothing shop, carpet emporium or (gasp) a coffee shop!

2007 Colour photo of 157 Sanger Street by Geoff Chapman.

2009  David Jobson says:
"I remember being the "flag man" one day at Fernleigh Castle, that bit of culture initiated by Cyril (the squirrel) Coxon and when we had to raise and lower the flag for the day. I missed it one sunset - a terrible sin - and the flag flew all night, as we were out on the town at Kings Cross.
Next morning I was singled out and had to stand at breakfast while Col.Coxon had a piece of me. All very embarrassing, as it should've been!
It must have had an impact because when I was appointed manager at Corowa a few years later I had the flagpole re-installed on the branch building and used to fly the flag every day!   God save the Queen."

2011 December Auction by local council - David Jobson advised "The building, passed in at auction last week for $325k now has an "Under offer" sticker on it.  It started and finished with a Vendor's (Corowa Shire Council) bid of $325,000. - not a bid, not a sausage. The Council's own Administrative building also went up for auction at the same time, it started and finished with a Vendor's bid of $700,000 - not a bid.  All a bit embarrassing for the Council who hoped to realise $1.5 mil for the two properties to help fund a new town swimming pool. There are a couple of interested parties talking, I'll keep you posted.

2013 July David Jobson advised: "re Corowa branch. The old place was purchased two years ago by some ex-customers of mine and the bank's. the Upton family. They paid $250k for it and have spent a considerable amount of their own time (they are engineers) and money in the hope of converting the upstairs to residential and some type of business downstairs in the banking chamber.
Most of the bearers and roof struts were all replaced in steel as there were many leaks and other problems but the place is now pretty secure as far as construction stability is concerned.
Unfortunately they haven't got the time to go ahead with the project and the place has been sucking money, so it's back on the market. These old places are hard to move and I don't hold great hopes for it for a while. I just hope it doesn't fall into disrepair over the years. The living quarters are occupied by some of the Upton family to keep the vandals out.
I'll keep you posted as to the ongoing future of the old girl. My family have very happy memories of our time living there"

2013 November David Jobson advised: A local solicitor, David Kothoff has just taken out a lease on the old bank premises in Sanger Street which is owned by Upton Engineering. Carl Upton has recently done a fair bit of work in repairs to the building whitch included complete restoration of the magnificent front swinging doors, the cost of which was $2,000 for the woodwork and brass fittings.
I wouldn’t say a magnificent job on the doors especially for $2K. Very patchy stripping not at all meticulous. Finish is 2015 August Heritage architect: Not uniform and blotchy, quite amateurish in reality and the actual finish looks hungry and not built up with sufficient coats of polish rubbed back between coats and waxed as they should be but therein lies the problem. Finding people with the knowledge to it properly and having done so who knows the difference now anyway except people like me. I spend on average a full week per door or window just on stripping and polishing but the results are worth the effort achieving.

2016 August David Jobson wrote: I remember someone from, the then Properties section, collecting the two Webley Scotts from Corowa branch when I was Manager around 1980 and before merger. One had a plastic handle and the other had a wooden handle. I think there were instructions in the green “Procedure Manual” that the guns were to be fired on a (sort of) regular basis and to clear the stock of cartridges before ordering a new lot on the stationery order. They were in boxes of fifty.
My staff and I used to go out to a customer’s farm property occasionally to shoot a few boxes of rounds into a dam. All good fun, however the girls weren’t all that keen on the process. None of us were very good shots either, and the farmer made sure that all the nearby sheep were secured!
   Click here for more revolver details.

77 MidWestern Highway


Opened 1882 (69th Report);
1911 listed in 125th Report

1961 photo by Bill Morelli.

2008 GoogleEarth photo of ex CBC Cowra remodelled as nab sourced by Geoff Chapman.
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