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Cobar is 712km WNW from Sydney and 129km W from Nyngan.

1878 Opened (60th Report);
1893 January Listed in 89th Report;
1934 Listed in Century of Banking.

1959 colour photo by Bill Morelli.
1963 photo by Kevin Greenaway.

1964 Current Accounts January p.30:- "1963 April Staff:- Manager RW Mead, RK Clark, I Brittingham, C Ryan, Misses EG Booth & NJ Swann.  Cobar has many modern buildings including CBC Bank".

1981 calendar sketch of the old building submitted by John Munro

2004 colour photos taken by Jim Skinner

2017 November I have just returned from the Queensland Retired Officers Christmas Lunch in Brisbane which had 140 folk there all enjoying fellowship and a great meal.  I have been tossing out old colour slides and just came across this interior photo I took on 8th March 1963 whilst relieving at Cobar Branch for a 3 month stint.  Canít believe that I took this photo over  54 years ago!!  Thought you might like to add it to the Branch photos on your excellent web page. Keep up the good work, Kevin Greenaway

Coffs Harbour
149 West High Street


1956 Opened 7th August, on the transfer of the business (and Branch) Manager from Coramba on closure of that Branch of 4/8/56.
Listed in 1976 Annual Report

2008 December Google views of 149 West High Street sourced by John Beer.

2009 February notes and photo from Geoff Goodrich:
My father Norm Goodrichís first branch was Coramba, NSW in 1955. he was transferred from Inverell and his role was to close the branch and open Coffs Harbour. By this time the population of Coramba had dropped to 200 and Coffs had a population of around 5000. We spent 6 months in Coramba before moving to Coffs.  I have attached a photo of the managerís residence at 1 Avenue St, Coffs Harbour. While manager of Coffs harbour he financed the first 2 motels in Coffs harbour, the Plantation Hotel motel and the Star Motel.

2012 December Kevin Ryan provided the b&w photo of Coffs Harbour taken when he worked there.
(now known as Collarenebri)
 Collarenebri (previously Collarendabri) is 60Km NE of Walgett on the Gwydir Highway on the way to Moree.

Opened 1891 (86th Report);
1893 January Listed in 89th Report.

1934 not listed in Century of Banking.

1912 Board Minutes 16th February state: "It was decided to purchase from John Jones 2 acres Comboyne at the junction of the main roads, for £25 with a view to the erection of a wooden building".

Photo circa 1912 showing Terry Burgess' grandfather John (Jack) Edwards Burgess and his mode of transport. 
He was appointed Manager in circular No. 557 dated 14 November 1911. 

1912 Manager until 1915 was N.S. Done.
The branch was only open for a number of months and would have closed by the end of 1915 and the manager transferred to Mudgee.

1915 October 14th Branch closed. The business was transferred to Taree according to Circulars.

1975 In Current Accounts January 1975 there is a story by J R Burgess, son of J E Burgess and father of Terry.

2011 January Barry Bird forwarded the Closing Instructions sent to Comboyne branch from Head Office and a file page for Comboyne.
Cnr Bathurst St
& McDonell St


Opened 1888 (81st Report);

1893 January Listed in 89th Report;

1934 Listed in Century of Banking.

1960 photo by Terry Burgess

2008 GoogleEarth image gives greater detail than 1960 photo. Sourced by Geoff Chapman.
Cop - Cowra
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