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34 Maitland Street

















1874 Bingera Opened (53rd Report);
1890 The Bingara Municipal Council was incorporated, at which time the spelling was changed from Bingera to Bingara.
1893 January Listed in 89th Report as Bingera.

1934 Listed in Century of Banking as Bingara.
1938 letter from Bingara Manager, TV Parker to Head Office
"Confirm our telegram to you today 'Premises destroyed by fire - have secured temporary premises'. At about 5:30am a fire broke out in adjoining premises Duck Inn Refreshment Rooms & The Owl Stores. The fire quickly spread through the upstairs windows of our building & in a short time it was apparent our premises could not be saved." The staff opened the strongroom and removed the cash, ledgers & passbooks, security book & securities, GL & abstract & other current books, together with 2 revolvers, 4 office chairs, a stool, typewriter table typewriter & refrigerator.
1938 photo of Bingara premises taken by Bingara newsagent BC Batterham after the fire was sent to Current Accounts magazine by the then Manager FU Chapman and it appeared on page 32 of July 63 issue)
The old building may have been demolished.
1953 Ron Armstrong says the branch in that year was the same one as his colour photo at left.

2018 May
National Australia Bank announce closure of Bingara branch. Bingara’s vibrant community are today shocked over National Australia Bank’s (NAB) announcement to close the local branch on May 31. Gwydir Shire Council mayor John Coulton was worried the closure may have a domino-like effect on the small community. He encouraged Bingara residents to meet in front of the bank this morning (March 9) to showcase their unified disappointment. RELATED: National Australia Bank reveals reason behind Bingara branch closure. “The bank manager declined to make a formal statement but confirmed the Bingara branch would close on May 31,” he said. Mr Coulton highlighted Bingara’s ageing population, majority of whom rely on NAB to collect their pension each week. “They don’t use online banking and are at a stage in their life where they’re not going to start. Also businesses have to bank their tills every day and you can’t do that online,” he said. Residents who have business and farm loans through NAB are now left wondering what to do, including councillor Tiffany Galvin. “We own the local butcher shop and have two loans through NAB. We also do banking and wages every Friday.
“We don't know whether to change banks or not, they just told us to use the post office but that’s not an option with us,” she said. Mrs Galvin said the usually vibrant community were “shocked and terribly worried” about the effect it will have on Bingara. Losing the major bank, the town will rely on a credit union which currently runs at reduced hours- two days a week. “Who is going to want to buy or invest here in Bingara without a major bank? And if people start doing their banking out of town, they’ll start shopping out of town as well so it effects all businesses here.” Mr Coulton added the closure would leave another empty shop face in the main street. “The bank was operating five days a week with two staff. The profit from the NAB is in the vicinity of $9 billion, what sort of percentage will they save by closing the Bingara branch? That’s my question.”  

2019 July John Munro wrote: Bingara Branch which closed last year. The building is now for sale. The Regional Australia Bank now occupies what used to be the Bingara Westpac Branch and is only open 3 days a week. The same Bank also now occupies our old Warialda Branch and is also only open three days a week. A sad reflection of our times, eh!

69 Adelaide Street


Opened 1874 (53rd Report);
1893 January Listed in 89th Report;
1934 Listed in Century of Banking.
Heritage Listed along with stables.

"I used to park my bike under the window on that left hand side. I recall one winter’s day, there were icicles there at 0830, still there at 1230 when I went back to the boarding house for lunch and also at 1700 when I rode home! That day there was frost on the coal all day up the back (I used to have to stoke the fire!) and it had had the sun on it. It even snowed all new year’s day in 1956. Ah memories." Col Ware.
2004 photograph by Jim Skinner
2018 Margaret Powell displayed her nab money box at the June CBC Retired Officers meeting.

79 Princes Highway

Opened 1875. Closed at some later date and business transferred to Moruya Branch (Opened 1884) which then conducted Bodalla Receiving 0ffice for many years.

1977 Listed in Annual Report as receiving office of Moruya.
1997 February photo from Eurobodalla Shire Council, currently operating as 'The Village Choice'.
Statement of Significance: The former bank has local historic significance for its association with the 'Bodalla Arms Hotel' and the Bodalla Estate and for being used and associated with commercial purposes for over 100 years. Socially the site also has local significance because it has helped to provide a focus for Bodalla's commercial centre since the late 19th century. It has high-level local scientific significance for its potential to contribute to an understanding about the functional changes of the older buildings of Bodalla's main street over the last century and also the development of banking services in the 20th century.  Built by Bodalla Company Estate 1875. Victorian Simple Georgian. Granite and brick walls. Corrugated iron roof. Large timber door with metal hinges.
Historical Notes: Believed to be part of the original "Bodalla Arms Hotel" complex built within the privately owned town of Bodalla, in 1875. Probably used as part of a stable and storage area. During the 1940s the Commercial Bank used the premises as an outlet for their banking business, sending a clerk there each Friday to take care of the banking needs of the Bodalla residents. Mr Byrne took the building over when the bank withdrew, using it as a petrol storage depot for his service station instead of the under ground storage tanks used later. It is also currently used for commercial purposes and is called 'The Village Choice' for natural body care, stock feeds and cleaning supplies.
Bogan Gate


30Km to the West of Parkes, Bogan Gate is at the halfway point on the Sydney/Broken Hill rail line.
Opened 1910 (125th Report and Circulars);
Listed in 125th Report, 1911;
1930 photo from State Library of NSW.
1934 Listed in Century of Banking.
1960 colour photo of Bogan Gate Receiving Office by Bill Morelli.
1977 listed in Annual Report as receiving office of Parkes.
Receiving Office closed 11 January 1977.
2019 May David Jobson advised "I have a bit more information and pictures on Bogan Gate obtained from NAB Archives, Helen Cadzow, that will be of interest. A list of the managers (I always like to get that as it really personalises the branch) plus a couple of photos showing the building in a demolished state taken by Mr Auditor Hyeronimus in June 1978.  A pity to see the carcass of the old building at that stage."

List of Managers:
1911-1918    M. Solling
1918-1920    F.J. Stedman
1920-1923    C.M. Stack
1923-1926    R. Scott
1926-1931    K.R. McAlpine
1931-1940    H.S. Dare
1940-1042    C.E. Lamborn

161 Merton Street

1906 in 2006

Opened 1906 (117th Report);

Photo of the branch from 1906 to 1926 by Geoff Chapman taken Sept 2006 who says it is now a takeaway cafe.

2009 June advertised by C.R. Ewing & Sons, Gunnedah:
This is a fantastic opportunity to purchase a well established main street Freehold property. Current tennant in place with long lease comprising of a very well run coffee shop. Included in the lease is a comfortable 3 bedroom residence, which has lounge, kitchen, bathroom. Tenants are signed up for another 3 1/2 years. Details of rental figures upon application.   Three photos from and sourced by Geoff Chapman.

135 Merton Street



1934 Listed in Century of Banking.

B&W photo by John Beer

1980s audited by JBeer when the building was becoming too costly to maintain, however in 2006 it was acquired by a Mining company.

2006 September photos by Geoff Chapman of the branch from 1926 until closure by NAB.

2008 May Geoff Chapman advised that the ex-Boggabri branch, now a private residence, is listed for sale at "Offers over $469,000"

2008 October photos by David Jobson who advised: "I've seen some majestic branches but Bogga would just about take the cake!"

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