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(receiving office of Tottenham)


Albert is 67Km S/W of Trangie. The village is the home of the famous "Rabbit Trap Hotel"
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;
1965 photo of Albert Receiving Office premises from Owen Young, then Manager of Tottenham branch
1977 listed in Annual Report
2008 Phillip Reed advises:
"In June 1975 I was relieving at Tottenham branch and had to conduct the Albert Receiving Office. On walking through the front door into the building shown in this photo, a dozen chooks flew off the counter and out the back door.  I then had to source some hot water etc to clean the counter before I opened for business".

2013 November David Jobson advised:
Pics of Albert taken a couple of months ago on a motorcycle rally at Tottenham.
The Rabbit trap hotel - Old CBC Agency building I believe - Main Street Albert.


Albion Park Opened 1891 (86th Report);
1893 January Listed in 89th Report;
closed 1898 (101st Report).

Cnr Smollett St



1859 in 1961



1850 "Select Documents of the 19th Century" edited by HW Nunn states that the bank had an agency at Albury - Board Minute 11 June 1850.
1859 Opened 7th March (22nd Annual Report)

The Sydney Morning Herald reported "The splendid building is by far the hand≠somest structure of the kind in Albury, and would compare favourably with many of the metropolitan banks.  "The worst of it is that it makes all other buildings in the street appear terribly 'dumpy."

The bank had first appeared in Albury in May 1857 in Day's Commercial Building, Dean Street.  Mr A H McKee was the first manager and he still held the position over 20 years later.

The CBC Bank had first opened in Albury in May 1859 on the corner of Townsend and Smollett streets. In 1893 that building became the Criterion Hotel, later renamed the Gloucester.


An Art Deco facade had the name standing out in steel letters.  The Gloucester Hotel, photographed in 1961, stood on the Smollett St Corner. William Jones built it for the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney in 1859.  In 1893 the bank became the Criterion Hotel.  It was renamed the Gloucester in 1935.

1893 January Listed in 89th Report;

Branch address from Canberra Times ad 21/6/1982




571-575 Dean Street
& chambers at
499 Kiewa Street




See also North Albury




















In 1909 the Joint Stock Bank became the Australian Bank of Commerce.

They sold their Albury premises to the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney in June 1911.  The Border Morning Mail reported that the price paid for the "massive and palatial structure, with two storey residential quarters ... would constitute a record in Albury."'

1911 purchased 1877 Joint Stock Bank;
The Australian Joint Stock Bank with residence was built in Dean St in 1877 diagonally opposite the post office. "Without doubt it will be the finest specimen of architecture of its king in the district," the Border Post reported.  This did not prevent the bank's successor from 1911, the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney, demolishing the building in 1936 for a new bank and offices. The National Australia Bank still occupies the site.

1927 Inspector's Report:

T. Barnett, Manager. Nice and pleasant to everybody, but has no means of getting about, and is hardly big enough for Albury.

H.N. Richardson, Accountant. Good manner and address. Takes an interest in his work. Should now be capable of managing a Branch. Has a car, gets about and is popular

N.G. McIlree, Teller. Fair manner and appearance. Fair penman. Willing and obliging. Time to shift him - 5 years.

J.W. Timms, Ledger Keeper. Well set up lad of fair to good appearance. Casual manner. Good penman.
Fair ledger keeper.

S.W.R. Stratford, Junior. Somewhat poor appearance. Writing rather poor. Seems willing.

Business brisk - ample for staff

Office neat and clean.

Town continues to grow.
Dalgety, Farmers and Graziers and Younghusband building new wool stores.
(Richardson is the only typewriter. Barnett gives him everything to type. This is unfair to an Accountant.  A Manager should do some typing himself and break the rest of his staff into it.
Instructed him so. As to a second machine?) Has one.

1934 Listed in Century of Banking.
1936 new building by Kent and Massie.
The bank building pictured in 1920s was demolished in March 1937 and in December 1937, the CBC Bank opened a new building on the site.
Branch address from Canberra Times ad 21/6/1982
Photo Dean St 9/05 by David Jobson,
similar photo 11/05 by Kevin Greenaway.

Heritage Listed:
Forms an important scale element on Dean and Kiewa Street intersection. One of the several new bank buildings at that time. Historically this site has always been associated with banking corporations. Building is of streetscape significance. Important corner site.
Original building was monumental structure built in the Victorian Free Classical style. The second bank continued the classic motif but in a more modified form of the Inter War Stripped Classical style with Art Deco motifs. The bank structure at the corner has always been visually prominent against its 'wings' along Dean and Kiewa Streets. The current building forming a strong corner element, was constructed in 1936 in the Inter-War Classical style with Art Deco motifs and despite several renovations remains relatively unchanged.
Substantial and very nicely detailed brick and stucco building. Terracotta blocks around bank entrance. External Materials: Brick.. Style: Inter-War Stripped Classical.
Original Australian Joint Stock Bank which was built in 1877. Traded as the Australian Bank of Commerce until 1911 when purchased by the Commercial Banking Co. of Sydney. In 1935 architects Kent & Massie prepared a proposal for renovation but in 1936 the building was demolished and the present premises erected. Architects Kent and Massie. Renovations were undertaken in 1953 by Robertson & Marks, Architects and another renovation was carried out in 1959 by architects Meldrum & Noad.

2007 photo by David Jobson who says: "There's the main front entrance, then to the left, three sets of windows, then the side entrance in Kiewa St.  Still the NAB branch."
2011 November nab Albury Agribusiness Centre at 549 Kiewa Street adjacent to Albury City Council, close to a large club not too far from CBD GoogleMaps sourced by John Beer.

2017 December Border Mail article sourced by Warren Ebbeck:
THEN AND NOW By Greg Ryan, Albury and District Historical Society

Major banks established relatively early in Albury in the nineteenth century and it was not long before they built impressive banking premises to show off their brand and attract customers. The most imposing building was the premises of the Australian Joint Stock Bank on the corner of Dean and Kiewa streets. The bank bought the land in 1876 for £1,800 on a site known at the time as "Day's Corner."

In May 1877 the Border Post reported a "rather novel sight of a pugilistic encounter on the scaffold of a two-story building in Albury ... the combatants were two bricklayers engaged in creating the new Australian Joint Stock Bank ... the first sign of hostilities was the knocking down of one of the men by his mate with a bricklayer's hod ... the injured one rushed on his aggressor, and a rough hand-to-hand combat raged, both men in imminent danger of falling headlong into the street below ... they were forcibly held until they had calmed down, and exhibited tokens of being amenable to reason:' The building opened in December 1877.

With the merger of the CBC and National banks in 1983, the National Bank moved into the building.  Visit the Albury and District Historical Society web-site at https://alburyhistory.

2022 August David Jobson: I attach a photo of I think, the original Commercial Banking Company of Sydney in Albury. It was built for the bank in 1859 and became the Criterion Hotel in 1893 and later, the Gloucester Hotel in 1935. 
This building and history pre-dates the other one built in 1877 for the Australian Joint  Stock Bank (picture below) and which was taken over by The Commercial Banking Company in 1911. They demolished this building in 1936 and built a new one which is  still on the same site and is the NAB today.

These pictures are from an old book of past and present heritage building in the Albury city area. The author was well known local historian Howard Jones.


92a Main Street








Alstonville is in Ballina Shire Council.  19km East of Lismore, 13 km west of Ballina, and  4 km east of Wollongbar.  1860s cedar-cutters were attracted to the region, followed by dairy farmers.
Originally Duck Creek Mountain, the town was renamed by early settler John Perry after his wife, Annie Alston.

1902 Opened 22nd September (109th Report);
"It was built as a residence in about 1892 and was renovated to become Alstonville's first bank in the early 1900's". 
From notes from ad an offering the property for auction in May 2007, supplied by Geoff Chapman.
1934 Listed in Century of Banking.
1945 Photographed by Frank Chapman.  See also Current Accounts Jan 1962 p35.
Echo Newspaper 29/6/2006:
Bank Building Turns 100

The heritage-listed Commercial Banking Company Bank (pictured) in Alstonville's main street celebrates its 100th birthday this month. To mark the occasion the Alstonville Plateau Historical Society has been given permission by the owners, the Lancasters, to open the building for inspection next Thursday, September 26, from 10am to 2pm.

The CBC Bank was absorbed by the National Australia Bank in 1984. The Alstonville branch next door will also be holding a day of celebration.
2007 May Geoff Chapman advised that, having failed to sell at auction, the old Alstonville branch (currently a Chartered Accountant's office) is now listed for sale at $725,000.  Click here for advertisement from Northern Star 26/5/07.
2007 June 17 NAB locations search by John Beer revealed branch at 92 Main Street, adjacent to CBC building, meaning NAB is on left side of CBC's building.

The Northern Rivers Echo Newspaper, LismoreBank Building Turns 100

Issue 837: The heritage-listed Commercial Banking Company Bank (pictured) in Alstonville's main street celebrates its 100th birthday this month.
To mark the occasion the Alstonville Plateau Historical Society has been given permission by the owners, the Lancasters, to open the building for inspection.
The CBC Bank was absorbed by the National Australia Bank in 1984. The Alstonville branch next door will also be holding a day of celebration.
2009 15th February - Issue 840: Bank Customer's Daughter Mark Centenary
Eileen Jamieson and Dorothy Crawford, the daughters of the Alstonville CBC bank's first customer, Ambrose Crawford, in 1902, cut the cake to celebrate 100 years of CBC Banking in Alstonville last month. The National Australia Bank absorbed the CBC Bank in 1984, and the Alstonville Plateau Historical Society put on a display of CBC Bank memorabilia with Ambrose's passbook number one, in the Heritage-listed bank building.

Branch address from Canberra Times ad 21/6/1982

Managerís list up to 1984 as obtained from NAB archives by David Jobson:

1902 /1911   E.E.Cox
1911/ 1921   R.J.Hargrave
1921/ 1929   D.Tennant
1929/1939   L.T.Pearson
1939/1951   A.D.Makenzie
1951/1958   A.G.Munro
1958/1968   L.K.Blunden (retired)
1968/1975   H.W.Marsh
1975/1980   L.C.Potter
1980/1984   B.R.Adcock
1984/          N.A. McAuliffe


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