Officers Club Inc.
representing Officers and families of
The Commercial Banking Company of Sydney Limited
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Historical 20th C

Head Office
In 1902 (107th Report) the Bank purchased three adjoining buildings in Barrack Street which "will give a fair return" until needed. 


Photo courtesy Kevin Meyer

CBC with Bank of New South Wales head office on right.



1981-05-01 Current Accounts Vol 3 # 1 pg 32 :-
"1907 final extension took 343 George St building to 5 stories with exterior facade of the 2 top stories duplicating the Corinthian styling of the original base"

"At the request of Professor Leslie  Wilkinson (Australia's 1st Professor of Architecture & Dean of the Faculty at Sydney University) CBCofS donated the original facade to Sydney Uni to provide additional accommodation for the Chemistry Department and to serve as an illustration of Gothic architecture".


Head Office






1908 Banking Chamber from Current Accounts July 79






 1937 King George VI coronation



1958 photo with double-decker buses in Martin Place by Ken Wood


1970 Bicentenary celebrations
from Current Accounts Jly 70

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