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Ops Centre

Head Office
(Operations Centre
- Clearings Branch)



David Jobson advises: The old Clearings Branch, Sydney was originally situated on the 7th floor of Head Office. Don Bullivant was the Manager and Tony Warman was the Accountant/Second officer. Bob Young was the Officer-in-Charge of the Error Correction Unit (ECU).

I was appointed as Officer-in-Charge of Operations Centre Sydney Proof in June 1970 and Don Bullivant was my boss. My offsider was Ross O'Neill and the machine supervisor was Myfanwy White. The girls operated NCR 450s and Burroughs 2000s. In 1972 we moved the lot to St Leonards Centre.

Here's a few pics of the staff and machines: Some names I can't recall.

Pic 2. Department signage at room 704 of Head Office.
Pic 3. Sydney Proof staff, on the right are David Jobson and Sandra Blake.

7th Floor

NCR 450

Burroughs 2000

The original staff of Sydney Proof in 1970. The males were L-R,  Bob Young (Officer-in-charge, seated) Gary Leonard and YT, David Jobson. I'm sorry I can't remember the girls' names however they were an excellent staff, the whole lot.

We started off that department as a part of Clearings Branch on the 7th floor at Head Office where Don Bullivant was the Manager.
They were hard days.
Very difficult batching work away from the original branch.
We started off processing the proof for four city branches and gradually expanded that when we moved out to St Leonards Centre later on.
David J Smith was very good to work with. He had an excellent knowledge of computer banking in those days.   David Jobson

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